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  1. I did see their sale, however, your machine has a few of the extra's that I am interested in already there. You indicate that you machine is new, just assembled and never used. Is that correct? I do understand it is a bit more difficult on your end to ship. I figured if APQS can ship for between $300 and $500 it shouldn't be more than that. What do you think?
  2. Wahooo!! Now I am really excited! Perhaps we can talk on the phone to get to know each other better. Lets start with my e-mail--I will check it frequently to make sure I don't miss you! Its: byfrantoo@gmail.com Thanks
  3. I sent you a pm, but thought I would try here too. Is this still available, and if it is would you consider shipping. I live in Colorado and really don't see a trip clear across the country to pick it up.
  4. How old is your Lenni and how much. Also, is shipping an option or pick up only?
  5. Well, as quickly as the dream came, it went--I finally got to talk to the owner and magically the price changed--UP by $800. I pointed out she had it listed for $9100. She said she had to get that much and it must be in cash. To me changing the price is a big no no, and just for that it can sit until you know what freezes over. Kind of sad not to even see it, but not dealing with something like that. Oh Well
  6. I did find those numbers, one is in HIghlands Ranch, very near where the machine is. Now I have to wait for the seller to get in touch with me. From what I can gather it has been just sitting for several years. A tech will be a lifesaver at this point. Keep posting if you have any other info--I need all the help I can get. I currently have a Block Rockit on a Grace frame so this would be a HUGE upgrade, not to mention expense for me so I am very happy to hear from all of you APQS owners. This would be my dream machine and used is probably the only way I can get one unless I get to win the Millie (planning on that ya know!)
  7. Thank you more than you know!! I actually printed out your message so I can have it right with me. I am really aware of the "seems to good to be true" thing. It is often more the rule than the exception. The bad thing is here in Colorado there isn't a dealer that I could find through the APQS website ore I would even pay one of them to go with me. I will ask a ton of questions when I get to actually see it. Thank you soooo much
  8. I have the opportunity to purchase a used Millie on a 12' table--asking price is $9100. Says "like new-only did 4 quilts" on the surface this sounds like a great deal, I have seen pictures only so far. Not looked at the actual machine so far. I can see from the pictures it also has the auto quilt advance. Can some of you more knowledgeable people help me with questions I should be asking. Right now I am WAY to excited and I am sure my head isn't on straight. What are some intelligent things I should know to ask and look for when I actually get to see the machine.
  9. Could you please let me know the stitch count on this machine? Thanks
  10. Can you give me prices on the panto's--not the thread. Thanks
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