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  1. I just completed two quilts with solid navy backing and used Hobbs 80/20 batting, and encountered the same problem. When I took the quilt off the LA table I freaked out to see all the pokies! Very disheartening. Those backings were made from 45" wide Kona Fabric. After consulting with other quilters, the general consensus was a thinly woven backing. It was recommended to me to dot each pokies with a navy permanent marker, which I eventually did. Also recommended was to use a smaller needle. I'm currently working on another customer's quilt, again using Hobbs 80/20 and not having that problem.
  2. I am looking for a Scoop Foot for a 2018 Millie that possibly someone has but is not using it anymore. Please call or text me at 210-831-1974. Norma
  3. Hi Karen, I'd like to buy these rulers. Norma
  4. Hi Karen. I'll take these rulers. How do we proceed. Norma
  5. Hello Quiltjunkie, I am interested in your hydraulic lift system. Do you still have your lift? How much do you expect shipping to run? I am located in San Antonio, TX. Norma
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