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  1. This is not my fo9r sale ad! JDF
  2. This is not my for sale ad....Mine was a query and have purchased another Lucey.....jdf
  3. Have you sold your Lucy? Today is Friday Sept 7, 2018
  4. Have you sold the 2015 Lucy?

    1. a1happy


      I am so sorry, I am putting it on hold as we may be purchasing a house this week.  I will let you know status.  Are you in the Nashville area?

  5. I would like to make a firm offer to you if Lucy is still available. You can reach me at jgfidler@gmail.com. Can you ship it? Jane in Ohio
  6. Do you still have this Lucy? Would you be able to pack it for shipping? Jane in Ohio
  7. Jane_DF

    APQS Freedom for Sale

    How old is your freedom machine? Jane in Ohio