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  1. I will be at the Utah Show! I will definitely look for your quilt! I'll try and get a picture and post it for you!
  2. I too try to quilt one or two Q of V's for our local chapter, which is lead by a couple of our guild members. Fortunately, most of the quilts are very well pieced, so it is a pleasure to quilt them. I have been to several of the presentations, and it is touching to see the veteran's responses when they receive them. Sheri, I am sorry for the loss of your father. It must have been heartbreaking to lose him so soon after you found him. I am glad you were able to share the touching experience with him when he received his quilt. God bless!
  3. Thank you all for you thoughts and prayers! Fire is now 83% contained and we have been allowed back into our homes. No losses in our little village, but a nearby area lost 105 homes! I'm very thankful for the firefighters and law enforcement officers who put themselves in harms way to protect us! Lenni is put back together and I am ready to quilt again!
  4. Sounds like the perfect time to retire! I retired two years ago, when the bank I managed was closed. I have been loving my life since then! Love having time to quilt!
  5. They are so precious! It sounds like a retirement dream! Congrats!
  6. Excited for you! That quilting studio sounds like a dream!
  7. You may have heard about the fast moving wildfire that has been burning in my area around Wrightwood, CA. . My husband and I saw it on Tuesday, just after it started, as we were coming home from a doctor appt.. We always hate to see a fire in these dry condition, but were not too concerned as it was about 15 miles from our home. However, it moved so fast and furiously that by Wednesday, we were given the notice to evacuate. Once we saw the flames coming over a nearby ridge, we did just that! We have been staying at my son's in Hesperia, out of the line of fire. If you have ever had to
  8. Wow! That is beautiful! I'd love to see the completed quilt!
  9. Your quilting is always superb and I refer to your blog for inspiration! I love your Tuesday Tips too! I've used several of them! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Congratulations! I've had my Lenni three years and I Love it! You will love yours too!!!
  11. You did an incredible job on this! I haven't attempted thread painting on my Lenni. This makes me want to start practicing! Lucky sister!
  12. I have Bliss on my Lenni table. It is wonderful for everything! I do pantos and custom both, and the Bliss helps the head to glide with minimal effort. You should definitely try out a machine with Bliss and see the difference! Love my Blissed table!
  13. Beautiful keepsake of your wedding and your mother. Lovely quilt!
  14. Any ideas on the quilting will be much appreciated!!! My customer wants custom on this quilt. Background fills around the Celtic appliqué. I'm thinking of ghost quilting the Celtic design in each of the plain white blocks. I am looking for ideas of what to do with the colored shapes and borders. The borders are not shown in the pictures, but they are plain borders, 10 inches wide on the sides and 8 inches on top and bottom. I' m hoping some of you will post some suggestions for me!! TIA
  15. Wow! What an improvement! When I saw your earlier pics, I had my doubts about it coming out. So glad the Synthrolpol worked for you! Thanks for sharing the info!
  16. Very nice! Did you use a pattern or is it your own design? I like it!
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