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  1. My machine has done this and it's quite scary, don't know why she did it but she isn't doing right now. One late night..... very late night I was doing a bit of intense stitch ripping when everyone else was in bed with the Led light on my machine directly above the stitch line and got the shock of my life when this kept happening.....you are right it's a little frightening....probably a short somewhere in the system but do let us know when you get yours sorted.... This is nothing like the problems with the up/down screw.....it's a definite and fast bang when the needle bar and hopping foot slam down.....
  2. Thanks Guys....unfortunately I'm not at the show...am today spending the day with Family, Friends and Horses.......with a picnic in the rain????? Sometimes my quilting life just wins hands down no competition needed.....LoL....
  3. Can I share my news? Had a call this evening to tell me that I won 1st for Longarming at Quilts UK, Malvern on my Customer Mary's quilt...WooHoo! It was a stunning top even before quilting! Marys Feathered Star Applique 2 by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr Marys Feathered Star applique 1 by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr
  4. Well, I use a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and both a duvet (or continental quilt), and a quilt turned down as a foot warmer in the summer.....In the winter, we change to flannel sheets then we add a full quilt to the bed too.....this winter is unusually warm though so, we don't need the full up quilt..... But I do live in a drafty old farmhouse.....
  5. Wonderful Carolyn.....it's a veritable sampler of quilting designs! Welcome to the forum!
  6. What a lovely quilt....I know what it's like to have your children leave home so wouldn't want that room to go to waste.... I'll come over and keep you company...looking at flights while I type.....nice thought eh...we could have a quilt in and I bet it's warm over there...bit chilly here in Scotland at the moment!
  7. If I were you I would join this Pfaff Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PfaffHobbyGrandQuilter/ I am still a member of this group ask Chris for help....she is some girl..... You will get there just hang in!
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