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  1. Borderline Quilter

    Look What I FOUND!!!

    That is so cute Dell, such a shame you don't have the machine head any more....
  2. Borderline Quilter

    Straight Line and Rolling Feathers,......

    Beautiful, see no mistake.....
  3. I know, I know, I'm so bad, I don't visit the APQS forum nearly enough as I should. in my defence, it's really my internet connection which is so slow to load all of the lovely photos that I want to see. It's all I can do to keep my blog and website going, it takes me so much time to do. But who is going to Paducah? I will be there with my two friends Linzi and Ellen. Two of my quilts are already in Paducah, that can only mean they were juried into the exhibition/competition. Can you believe that two accepted? I am under no illusion that they will win any prizes but I'll be thrilled to see them hanging in Paducah, MQR, APQS and some of the smaller Yahoo groups really kickstarted my career as a quilter so how many of you am I going to meet? If you see me please come and say hello!
  4. Borderline Quilter

    Paducah 2015, who is going

    Be sure to come say hello if you see me Teresa and Linda, so many people it's difficult for me to make out faces....and of course our very own 'Marky Mark' will be there also.......
  5. Borderline Quilter

    Metro Medallion Quilt

    Wonderful quilting as usual Kathy!
  6. Borderline Quilter

    New Quilt

    Fabulous Laurie.....
  7. Borderline Quilter

    The Batik strip exchange Done

    Fabulous Joyce!
  8. Borderline Quilter

    Tutti Fruiti....

    Tutti Fruiti.... This is a customer quilt that I was privileged to be allowed to quilt anyway I wanted....perfectly pieced and appliqued, wonderful choice of batik fabrics from this UK pattern designer. White Glide thread on top and white Bottomline in the bobbin, the only place that I used coloured threads was in the flying geese......batting was my customers's own, measures 84x84....all freemotion and ruler work......used Rhonda Beyers large 'S' curve ruler and a big Renae's Arc for everything else. More info and photos on my blog as usual..... Sorry that Flickr removed the photos but you can check this out on my blog/websiteby clicking on this link http://borderlinequi...tti-fruiti.html Thanks for looking
  9. Borderline Quilter

    Tutti Fruiti....

    I was wondering who was visiting my blog, thanks for looking at this quilt, some quilts are very hard to give the one on my frame just now. I know when the time comes it will be hard but I'll post some photos......
  10. Borderline Quilter

    2nd quilt using Quilt Path

    Wow Dell, very adventurous.....fantastic job!
  11. Look what dropped through the door this week, fabulous magazine and a wonderful article even though I say so myself! So pleased to play a small part, well five and a bit pages....hehe...where you can read all about this quilt and the history behind it, there are lot's of other wonderful articles in there too. You can purchase this magazine on line and have it delivered to your door or your PC straight from the US at or have a hard copy delivered from here in the UK You can read more about this quilt here...;postID=265213357016893883;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=13;src=postname Thanks for looking... MQU 1514 aka The Horse by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr
  12. Borderline Quilter

    Finished quilt for my daughter

    What's not to like? You may just find that she loves it......
  13. ....15 seconds....think I would still fix it.....
  14. Borderline Quilter

    First time posting my work!

    Wow, fabulous quilts....
  15. Borderline Quilter

    Thank you quilt for Dad

    Great Guy your choice of edge to edge for this one.....
  16. Borderline Quilter

    Outside the box baby quilt

    Fabulous are the 'Star'!
  17. Borderline Quilter

    Is there anyone here that knew me when?

    Welcome back Patty Jo.....remember, we met in Portland last October....
  18. Because Dell can't wait....hehe..... This quilt commemorates 500 years of the Hawick Common Riding. Lost more information on my blog about this symbolic quilt....anyone who knows me knows this is my passion, horses and quilts....
  19. Here is a peak at my latest quilt......will be posting about the full quilt very soon... Love this before and after shot.....
  20. Borderline Quilter

    Sneak Peak... Horses

    Patience Dell, Patience....hehe....
  21. It's exactly how I do it Georgene....good job.....
  22. Borderline Quilter

    Black beauty

    that is a fabulous quilt...great job on the quilting too....
  23. Borderline Quilter

    circle and straight line practice

    That's beautiful it.....
  24. Borderline Quilter

    Graduation Black/Yellow

    Fab Guy quilt love it....
  25. Borderline Quilter

    AQS Paducah--Dinner on Thursday

    Well, darn.....maybe another year.....