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  1. Okay, Im going to try to post a photo to see if I can remember. I took a Quilt Path Class at Over The Top Quilting Studio - Central Texas APQS Reps. I am working on a charity quilt but will not post that photo since it is not done. I did finish a church banner at Over The Top a few weeks ago. I rented one of their Millie's. I had very specific instructions from the piecing duo on how they wanted it quilted. I think it needed more but it wasn't my call. Here's the photo. Hmm, when I used to post photos, I think I used flickr or webshots. Now my stuff is on Picasa. Not sure how this goes
  2. Hey, MB, I had to come check out the chat and I find you here. It seems like yesterday. I remember when we got to know each other on APQS chat until a bunch of us met MQS 2008(?) in Overland Park. I want to know who is going to Houston next month. Maybe I should start a new post for that.
  3. I've seen some hints on facebook but would love to see the winners list. It always seems to takes MQS forever to post the list. This is my first year not going to MQS - I feel so out of it. I know they just announced the winners but would love to get info. Thanks
  4. Robin, I got burned by the blue marker on a quilt a while back. It was for my DIL's BFF. That gave me the freedom to throw it in the washer (no soap) for soak and spin...3 times. It did all finally come out. I think that I was just heavy-handed with it, marking over the same spot more than once.
  5. I also prefer Madeira Monolon to Superior's Monopoly. I run it "sloppy loose" on top or it breaks. I know that you are using an expanded base with that ruler, right? I think we all have favorite rulers. Try several until you find one that feels good in you hand. The only other thing to do successful SID is moving s-l-o-w.
  6. I was in Facebook this morning and saw a gorgeous DWR featured by APQS. It was Heidi's quilt shared with a bizillion folks. Congrats, Heidi. Facebook article on Heidi's quilt
  7. I love the loft of QD wool. I have used it alone many times. But have also used it with a thin batt underneath, like QD cotton Request (their thinnest cotton batt), on all my personal show quilts.
  8. G-r-o-a-n. Tension problems are unnerving. And when you have to frog, that's time-consuming but then you also have to quilt that row again. (sigh). When I have thread problem with my quilts: -if the problem is on the back of the quilt, then my top tension is usually not right. -if the front of the quilt is boogered, then the bobbin tension is usually too loose/too tight. It's the opposite of what you might think. That's the way I learned it. My biggest problem is when I change top threads, I sometimes forget to check that the new thread is inside the tension disks instead of 'riding' on the outside. I hope that you will post a photo of your quilt, Dory. Log cabins are classics.
  9. Wow, Cheryl, 5.8 is a pretty good shaker. So glad you all are OK. We had a big one here Easter of 2010 that seemed to go on forever. I don't think you ever get used to earthquakes. Most of them are not bad and are over quickly and seem less damaging than some of the storms you see on the nightly news. But it is nothing but scary for those few minutes.
  10. I almost put myself out of business at the beginning of this year. It is hard for me to "time my work". I forget when I started or the phone rings and there goes my time. So the below estimate is probably optimistic. I did a partial Dear Jane (140 blocks - no Christmas tree border) and made $6.86 an hour. Then the next custom was a Moon Glow, also lots of SID. That one was $5.35 an hour. After those 2, I decided to redo my custom pricing. I break the quilt down into elements. I love the digitized designs for blocks when I can find one that works with the quilt. I figure out a charge per block. A digitized block would be one price. A freehand design in a block, like CC would be another price. A block requiring SID would be yet another price. If I choose a design that I have to mark, it takes time to mark. I try to do as much custom using freehand as I can. It is faster. Feathers, molars, ferns etc are easy enough to run on a border freehand. For example, my base charge per border is $25 plus $5 for each "roll" to do a border. For example, an 70 x 80 quilt would have $25 for the first part, plus $5 for the 2nd roll (inches 20 -39), $5 for the 3rd roll and $5 for the 4th roll which is the end of the quilt. So $40 for the outer border. That process gets multiplied for EACH border. If the borders require SID and I think most of them do, then that would add another charge. Let's talk about thread charges. Every thread charge multiplied by every roll. I charge $5 standard thread fee + $5 if I have to change thread plus $1 for each change after that as I roll. So in the example 70 x 80 quilt, with 2 borders using 2 different threads would be $80 for the border plus thread change $5 + $2 per roll (3 rolls) for thread changes so $6 more dollars. Premium thread like Rainbows and King Tut have a higher thread charge. I have used this formula several times and can use it while consulting with a customer. I don't explain the details to them, though. It would probably put them to sleep. Using this formula, I now feel better about my bottom line. I think we all have to develop or use a process that works for us keeping in mind that we are running a business, we're supposed to be paid for our time.
  11. What a fun meander, Linda. It reminds me of cocks comb. Like you, I also have trouble "not crossing" the lines. I really have to focus. I believe that stipple, in all its sizes, is a wonderful background filler. It just lays in the back, anchoring and doesn't try to steal the show. I will have to try your 3-bump meander, though. Thanks for the tip, Linda.
  12. Gosh, Linda, I hope that you don't take this guy seriously. We all know that your were just trying to help this Nettie so she doesn't get herself in trouble with the copyright-police. Unlike the quilting police, designers have lawyers. And even if it is not copyrighted, why was he so threatening in his response to your simple question? I am appalled at his response and then this guy went out of his way to get an account on APQS just so he could blast you. Who does that? His anger was so out of control it carried him to do the research that it takes to get your phone number,call you and then call your place of employment. That is just wrong in so many ways.
  13. I like your idea, Tammie. But we are more socially correct today, $%#! it. So we dance around the subject with softer words so as not to hurt the feelings of the person that lied to us. And what does it get us? We are the ones that get hurt. We lose our trust in humanity. We are less apt to assist a person in need. We see the darker side of thing never trusting that a thing is as it appears. I wonder how long, if ever, it will take to trust people again.
  14. That is just awesome, Linda and so well-deserved. Your work is exquisite. Just a thought; our guild gives ribbons at our annual show and one year I got the Best of Show. However, the guild makes no provisions for the piecer, if different from the quilter. So I asked the guild president and she told me where they ordered the ribbons. I called them up and they produced an exact copy of the ribbon and I gave it to my piecer. After all, it was a collaborative effort. The ribbon was only $11.00 and she was thrilled to have some wall jewelry that recognizes her skills.
  15. Well, I got the envelope as promised. There was a $500 check in it as promised. However, there was only one $864 money order and a note that the other half would be sent later. Hmmm. Don't get me wrong, I am relieved that this time, she wasn't lieing about sending it to me. I just wish that she had shared with me that it was only a partial payment I'm not sure what happened to the other 2 money orders that she told me she sent on July 20th. Hmm, maybe there weren't 2 money orders back then either. So the saga continues but at least I have some of my money. Gosh, I hope the check is good and that she signed it. Gulp and grrrr.
  16. Kay, this is lovely. It's the details that pull you in, though. Those spines are so perfect. It was well planned and beautifully executed; I bet Adam would agreed. It is stunningly formal but has that touch of whimsey with the bubbles escaping into the border. I love it. Thank you for sharing your trials with the markers. Your perserverance really paid off.
  17. No check yet but she called and is so surprised that I have not received the money orders yet. Though it seems odd that she would be so willing to send another $2193 . She said that she would file a report on the "missing" money orders. This forum never ceases to amaze me. It is so easy to confide with you guys and you put yourself in my shoes and feel my pain and disappointment. The advice about getting it sent registered sounded good but this time she promised to send a check overnight. That means that the check should arrive today. Here's hoping it does and that the check is good.
  18. I love QD batting but their computer skills not so much. I have ordered from them for 3 or 4 yrs. I ordered a roll of Puff and then 2 days later they called and told me about the machine being broken. No Puff for 5 weeks. Huh? I did get the 4 queens of Puff in a box....addressed to Carol at Ramona Quilter. Who's Carol? I think they morphed "Card" to "Carol". Their computers are slow and maybe not so accurate with email and addresses. My 'boxed' Puff got here with the wrong name. But I have never gotten an email from them. So I don't expect to get any notification whenever I get my roll of Puff. It will just be a nice surprise on my porch.
  19. Viki, this is lovely. And what a great idea to twist and turn those triangle patterns. Your customer will be so happy to see that you "quilted out" all her mistakes.
  20. I know it is so disappointing to have a fellow quilter be dishonest. We all trust so easily, especially here on the forum sharing ideas, problems and solutions. Still no check today but mabe tomorrow. If not, I think I might need to take a tougher stance. Thanks for your help, guys.
  21. Linda - this just takes my breath away. It is stunning. I love the white circles - those designs are genius. And that wrap-around white border - the way you "mitered" the corners is brilliant. That wavy line design gives it so much texture and really frames the areas of the quilt. I will have to remember these ideas. You are certainly a rock star!
  22. I haven't been on the chat for a while but I know some of you remember me. And those who don't know me will likely be able to put themselves in my shoes. I don't know who else to ask. Here's my dilemma. What would you do if you sold your machine...now I should say that the machine was well-maintained and loved for about 6 years and it was priced to sell with many goodies that went with it. So after some time the machine was sold but the buyer did not have all the money to buy it at once. The buyer asked to take the machine and pay the remainder by July 1. Well, you know quilters are honest folks so the buyer picked up the machine with the promise to pay the remaining $2,193 by July 1. Today is July 29th and no money yet. Lots of promises that the check was sent but not received. There were always reasons, excuses, etc about why the postal money orders (2) and another check had not arrived. I feel just sick about this. I had plans for that $2,193. I gave the buyer a good deal on the machine and I feel so betrayed. My daughter says that the non-payment is like she "stole the machine". I have called and texted her and she still reassures me that the money was sent on July 20th but here it is 9 days later. I just don't know what to do. What would you do??