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  1. That is really cute. I like how you did every chair seat different. Nice job!!
  2. Hey MB. I'm glad your machine is working great now. It probably helped a lot that we fixed Rod's boo-boo when putting on the soft mount. Now if I could work a miracle with my machine we'd be in business!! Ny machine and table were moved several times while my basement was being finished. I've been trying to get it adjusted right since my basement was finished and I'm just not there yet. Really frustrating!! Debbi
  3. Sounds like some extra pigtails might fix your problems. Would some pictures of were to place the extra pigtails help?? Debbi
  4. I used to get the same thing when the thread didn\'t come off the spool evenly, especially with rainbows and King Tut. I solved the problem by putting in an extra pigttail before the tension disk to keep the thread under control and keep a nice even tension on the thread. Debbi
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