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  1. Wow, can't wait to see the finished banner.
  2. OK, hopefully I have now gotten the picture to size to post so, we'll try again. We are members of the Christian Motorcyclist Assn and recently had new chapter start up in our neighborhood. So, I wanted to give them a quilt to use however they felt best glorified God (give to a local family in need, opportunity quilt to raise funds for their chapter to use in the community or, the only annual fundraiser which CMA does that raises millions of $'s to assist those around the world). It is a queen size quilt. The design came from the Spring 2009 Fon's & Porter Easy Quilt mag. And, I chose it because the designer was a male who obviously was a biker from his picture. The green's & brown's - though not really my colors - were chosen just from my stash and hopefully more directed towards colors for men. The coolest part, I think, I used the "Vroom" pantograph which is a motorcycle. It's kindof growing on me now that it is finished. Thanks for looking.
  3. Bonnie, Hopefully responding back to your u2u. Sounds like a plan. Sally
  4. Bonnie, still interested and the 2004's should work fine. Go ahead and shoot me an e-mail of the specifics. Thanks, Sally
  5. Anyone have any microdrive handles for a 2005 (I think) Milli that they don't want and would like to sale? I'm planning to buy a pair the 1st part of January and thought I'd start here if anyone is cleaning out a closet. If you have a pair for sale, e-mail at stitchinsallysllc@allegiance.tv. Thanks, Sally
  6. I baste on the left side and pin on the right side. But, to assist me in knowing when I'm at the end of the quilt I put a piece of masking tape, on the clear cover, to indicate on the pantograph when I'm at the edge of the quilt. And since sometimes my mind can wonder and I kindof get in the grove, about 3 inches from the end I make some slash marks on the clear plastic with an eraseable marker. Slow down a little to get to an edge, take out those pins, quickly baste down and follow thru and finish the rest of the pattern. Just have to remember to wipe off the market before you take off the quilt.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion Meb but, I'd think you'd have some copy infrigingement issues involved there since it is a registered trademark. Good thought though.
  8. Anyone know where I can find a K-State Power Cat Pantograph? Have a customer that wants it on some stadium quilts and I'm not talented enough to do it freehand. Thanks, Sally
  9. Buyer beware, I bought a similar product several years ago and it was a waste of money. It bounced all over the place and who really does close stippling at the speed to which she was using the machine? I'll just keep working on try to purchase a pair of micro drivers one of these days.
  10. Hey Everyone, It is looking like my hubby and I are going to go on a 10 day mission trip to Haiti in October (so excited) and I'm looking for some fund raising ideas that you've either organized or been to that really seem to pull in crowds? I probably won't do a quilt because I've helped with that type of item before and/or given quilts for fund raisers and there has not even been enough funds raised to hardly cover the fabric cost. We'll probably try a meal though, even those, don't seem to bring in a lg number of people in our community. So, looking for some fresh ideas. Thanks, Sally
  11. Bonnie, I have to tell you that if my husband and I had the choice between being in a shed with a quilt machine or working out in the vineyard - we'd take the vineyard.
  12. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. The circles were made with the Hartley Fence. Though I don't use it very often, I love it. The batting was Hobbs 80/20. Stayed up late tonight because I finally got my mother-in-law's queen size quilt finished. Since I'm only part-time it has been on the machine for 2 weeks. So excited about that because I did so many new things and didn't have any problems - feathers though still not as pretty as I'd like them, verigated thread and no tension problems. Thank You, Lord! That makes for the enjoyment of great, long weekend.
  13. Oh, I hope that since this is not 1 of my own pictures it will post this time. This is a quilt that my sister designed (just 1/2 squares) and sent to me to quilt for her. I'm grew up in KS and the 1st thing I thought of were windmills so, just really felt drawn to simply do circles and make them look more like windmills. OK, I have to admit that I think they look soooo cool. Enjoy, hopefully (Oh, please post picture), everyone and have a safe Memorial weekend.
  14. Carmen, those are not "beginners" feather. After 5 yrs, mine are not even close to looking like that though I'm hoping to gain some knowlege from Dawn's class on Monday eve. Be patient with me Dawn!
  15. I'm there on an off throughout the week starting with a Monday eve class but, won't be there on Tuesday. When I'm not in a class I'm planning to still do my full time job. And, the week just got busier as my husband is retiring as of 5/14 so, sometime I need to plan a retirement party at his job though, I may postpone for a week.
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