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  1. Just lightly spritz with water and rub over them with a scrap piece of batting and I think they will close up. Batiks are a little more difficult.
  2. I got it with Angie’s help. Very simple fix. The mounting bracket was backwards on the light. Talk about feeling “Duh!” So happy to have such great support from APQS - especially when they don’t make you feel stupid!
  3. I’ve had my machine in storage for awhile. Today I have been setting it up again. The only thing I’m stuck on is installing the front handles with the light. It’s a 2005 model. Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated.
  4. My best advise is to practice, practice, practice!
  5. You can take off the cardboard side and it will work fine. You may have to adjust your bobbin tension. It happens occasionally to me as well. I think the cardboard may be a fraction bigger in diameter than it should be. Make sure there isn't any shredded cardboard under your spring now.
  6. Try a pumice stone. It might not be as harsh as sandpaper. Good luck!
  7. Are you using the correct size needle for the thread you are using?
  8. I don't charge extra but I totally agree with you that the customer should pay a premium. Some minkie is worse than others but they all take extra time to clean up before being able to start the next quilt.
  9. I have been using the SuperBobs pre wound bobbins for a long time. I used to be able to count on them all to be the same. Lately I have to check every bobbin as they have been different. I adjust my bobbin case with almost every bobbin. I think the issue is with the cardboard sides - some seem to be ever so slightly larger which throws the tension off.
  10. I love it. It's really to cool to cover up with "stuff!"
  11. Can anyone tell me the advantage of purchasing a Quilt Path over IntelliQuilter? In my area I've not heard any comments about Quilt Path but have gotten rave reviews about IntelliQuilter.
  12. Funny you should ask. I had the same question this week. I called Amy and she emailed me the instructions. Couldn't see any slot in a screw looking thru the tiny hole. It ended up that the screw was laying inside my machine and I never did manage to adjust the foot. It would not move. I did put the screw back in. I wonder how long it's been laying inside my machine? I had to return the quilt to my customer.
  13. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Quilters Dream products. If you only want to purchase two different ones I would suggest Quilters Dream Blend be one of them.
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