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  1. I will try again but for now I had to get the quilt finished. I changed to Superior Lava and had no problems. bj
  2. I used your suggestions Bonnie but I didn't have any luck. After about two hours I switched back to Superior (Lava) and everything went just fine. Thank you though! Any other suggestions out there? bj
  3. Thanks Bonnie. That helps me alot as I've never used any Signature thread.
  4. I've only used Superior thread since I got my longarm. I was given a cone of Signature Metallic (Copper) and want to use it. Does anyone have suggestions regarding needle size or tension issues? Thanks in advance for any input. bj
  5. Linda: I feel your pain as I've been down that road. I'm on my third Rowenta steam generator. The first one was wonderful (made in the US). I believe they now make them in China and my last two have been nothing but trouble. The third one went out before the warranty was up so I contacted Rowenta. They made me send it to a service center and I know for a fact the iron I got back was not mine. They agreed to replace it but made me send it to them before they would send me a new one. To make a long story short I ended up reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and finally got my new iron sh
  6. It's fun to add rick rack into the seam allowance on the circle edge! It makes it look like garland on a tree.
  7. To be tucked under a quilt with precious memories from the past has to be the best. There's nothing better that you could do for her during these difficult times. I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.
  8. Is your quilt sandwich to tight between the rollers? Try to let up on it and see if that helps. bj
  9. I just purchased a design wall from my local quilt shop. It's called "Quilter's WonderWall." You can go to their website at or call them at 775-265-2824 or 775-691-3808. I love it because it can be permanent or portable so it can be taken to classes It's 54" wide and 72" long. It has grommets on the top and it was only $29.99.
  10. I haven't found a problem stitching over them but you want to be extremely careful so you don't have to un-sew! It will leave a hole. Good luck!
  11. Is there any chance that you could have some thread wrapped around the fly wheel? I've had my thread break and get sucked into the fly wheel area. When that happened, my stitch regulator went goofy but once I got the thread cleaned out I was back in business. Do you have a cover over the fly wheel on the tension side of the machine? It's so easy for this to happen. Good luck!
  12. Quilter's Dream Blend is my absolute favorite. Good loft and never any pokie problems.
  13. When you put the rick rack and piping on did you put them on like you would a border or did you do it in one continous piece rounding each corner? I find that when I use rick rack or piping I need to apply it in 4 pieces like a border so that they are measured the same for top and bottom and each side. I think you will find it will hang perfect. Then put your binding on using whatever technique you normally use. I think you will be very happy. Your quilting is beautiful!! bj
  14. I feel your frustration. I guess you have to be thankful that you figured it out in a couple of hours rather than a couple of days. Good luck!
  15. I received my new seam ripper today. I love it, love it, love it. Thank you!!
  16. Thank you so much. As I told you I let a student in one of my classes finally talk me out of the one I got at Christmas.
  17. I want one too. I can't seem to connect with them.
  18. Jason: Please contact me as I would like to purchase one of your seam rippers. I've been unsuccessful in contacting you via email. Bobbie Jones 805-929-0544
  19. I purchased some before the holidays as well and would like to know when you have more. bj
  20. I wondered as well. Did APQS choose not to be included?