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    BobbieJones got a reaction from dbams in Front handle with light on my 2005 Millie   
    I got it with Angie’s help. Very simple fix. The mounting bracket was backwards on the light. Talk about feeling “Duh!”   So happy to have such great support from APQS - especially when they don’t make you feel stupid!
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    BobbieJones got a reaction from gkazee in Front handle with light on my 2005 Millie   
    I got it with Angie’s help. Very simple fix. The mounting bracket was backwards on the light. Talk about feeling “Duh!”   So happy to have such great support from APQS - especially when they don’t make you feel stupid!
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    BobbieJones got a reaction from Cheri D in Starting Out   
    My best advise is to practice, practice, practice! 
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    BobbieJones got a reaction from Mary Beth in Me and super glue   
    Try a pumice stone. It might not be as harsh as sandpaper. Good luck!
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    BobbieJones reacted to Sharon Deming in Long Arm reviews   
    The most valuble thing I did while looking for a longarm was to ask my guru of a sewing machine service guy " If you were buying a longarm for yourself, what brand would it be?" Now this guy isn't just a neighborhood repair guy. He services commercial quilting machines, sergers, sewing machines etc. all over the region, in addition to domestic machines. Anyway, his response was, in priority order: 1. APQS, 2. Innova. I asked why he put APQS above Innova and he said. "Service. APQS has all of the service points within handy access. They make it easy. And besides, APQS never breaks down." He went on to say that Innova is a really good machine, also, but that they had not yet figured out how to make service easy. I especially liked his "APQS never breaks down" comment. Although I respect Handi Quilter and A1, also on my original list of candidates, they did not appear on my service guy's list anywhere. Of course, as equally important as brand, is customer service. My experience with APQS has been delightful. They have stayed with me on the phone for as long as I needed, texting pictures, and taking all the time I needed to be sure I understood what they were talking about. All of my issues have been user-misunderstandings, or "how do I square my leaders" and stuff like that. Nothing to do with the machine itself. Oh, and my dealer is always available to me via phone for help or ideas. You are buying your dealer as well as the brand of longarm. You want a good one.
    Good luck with your search. I know you will select the brand and model that is just right for you.
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    BobbieJones reacted to Deborahkr81 in Quilt Planning Ideas   
    Hello everyone!  I'm hoping you can help me with the best way to plan my next quilt.
    I am new to quilting and have created but one single quilt so far.  I'm ready to start my second but I need your help!  If you are willing to share, I'm wondering what tips/tricks you have found to be helpful in planning out your quilts.  I'd like to know the best way to plan it out. What have you found to be helpful?  Are there any special tools you use? Can you just envision it? (that will take a while or me), do you lay out the fabric on your kitchen table?  What do I need to know before stepping in again.  I had a lot of expert help on my last one and this one I am attempting on my very own.  Yay me! Thanks for any tips you can offer.
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    BobbieJones reacted to Oma in Singer Feather Weight 1939   
    Marti, I'm sorry you're selling your stuff too, but certainly understand.  I know it can't be easy for you or else you wouldn't be up at 3 am posting it.  It sounds like you have a good plan though.  I have a friend just getting into quilting after retiring, I think she would be interested in your Baby Lock serger and your Baby Lock 6 needle embroidery machine with stand.  You can private message me also with a price please.   
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    BobbieJones reacted to cherylannie in In a rut!   
    First of all, I don't know how you do it.  It is so hard to please people.  Usually they have no idea how much time it takes to quilt a quilt.  I have a computerized system and I have heard may times, "So you just put the quilt on the machine and it does it itself?"  Even with a computer it takes a lot of time plan and quilt each quilt.  Those who really appreciate the time you put into it have tried doing it themselves.  Do you have the luxury of choosing to quilt for the customers that produce quilts that you enjoy quilting?  I say take a break and quilt for that customer that is most particular about your!
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    BobbieJones reacted to HeidiP in Quilt Path   
    Would you like to download the demo version of Quilt Path so you can see how intuitive it is?
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    BobbieJones got a reaction from K. Szymaszek in QD Batting   
    I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Quilters Dream products. If you only want to purchase two different ones I would suggest Quilters Dream Blend be one of them.
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    BobbieJones got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Loose Thread between quilt top and batting   
    Thank you for the great suggestions. I was able to purchase a size 13/14 crochet hook and it worked perfect. Thank you Shana!!
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    BobbieJones reacted to ffq-lar in Loopie question   
    Were you using heavy cotton thread? I get occasional back-side loops when I use King Tut. Which is why I seldom use it any more. Dawn offered some solutions a while ago--I think using a larger needle and turning it slightly to one side.
    You can use a used needle to pull the back-side knot out and coax the loop into the batting. Just run the needle under the backer fabric near the loop and sweep it across to catch the thread. Press down a bit to bury it in the batting if you can. It won't come out again. 
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    BobbieJones got a reaction from harcathy in Full Borders   
    Anyone else out there that has had a run of quilts with full borders. It's been so bad that on 2 quilts I finally had to take tucks. Steam, steam and steam some more but still can't get them to lay flat enough. I start to take it personal as if it's me. Help - what does everyone else do?
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    BobbieJones reacted to SewCuteQuilting in Full Borders   
    I recently dealt with a full border disaster and after starching and steaming I still had to take 2 tucks! Through the past few months I have quilted tops that ended up with ZERO puckers or tucks -with 2-3 piece borders, then I've had some that were a mess....what I have seemed to figure out is - 1) the quality of fabric they use and 2) the method of PRESSING when the borders are put on. I figured out on the Disaster Quilt that she was majorly distorting the fabric as she was pressing, and it was a 3 piece border set. She mentioned that she double measured the borders as she went but when I actually sat and though about it I figured out it was a distortion problem as the border seemed to billow out like a ruffle dress from the quilt top. 
    Of the ladies I have taught my border piecing and pressing techniques to I have yet to quilt a mess. I really think it's all in how they were taught (or not taught) to do borders. I also send home a 'Helpful Hints' sheet on borders with the few that I have done that I wouldn't care to do again! 
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    BobbieJones reacted to Primitive1 in Full Borders   
    Bobbie, that is the problem!  I had a bunch of those (seems like it is always the same people) who are in a hurry to finish up the quilt and don't take the time to measure those borders.  I called them, told them about the fullness and got their permission to take a tuck.  All of them were fine with it and I charged a little more and sent home a sheet with them on how to correctly measure their borders with the comment that "this was helpful to me and I know they want to make their heirloom quilts the best they can be!"
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    BobbieJones reacted to chickenscratch in I'm back : )   
    After a very long absence due to health problems and then recovery, I am back into the real world and ready to quilt.  It has been a while.  I actually got to go to Paducah quilt show yesterday and had a wonderful time. Bob Ketchum was so sweet to let me and my grand-daughter Nevaeh play with all the new machines. I fell in love with the Lenni and the Freddie.  I would have signed the contract right then and there, but when I called my husband he said we can't afford the payments.  BOO HOO!  So, I'll go back to my old Ultimate II and try to get some quilts to do and save every penny so I can buy a new machine.  (Unless I win the lottery or find a generous lender before then). 
    It's so good to be back among all my quilty friends.
    Here are some issues I need some help with... I want to get my quilt business back up and running, but lost almost all of my customers to the new computerized quilter lady in the next town. She's doing any size quilt for a penny a square inch.  Her quilting looks amazing I must add.  That computerized system is just awesome. Everything is perfect and symmetrical.  Another problem is somebody stole my Chicken Scratch Quilting business name.  I didn't renew my domain registration last year and somebody else got it.  When I tried to renew my website they said it was taken. I clicked on the link and it is somebody else doing quilting.
    So, for all you successful business people out there.  What do you suggest I try to do at this point?  Start a new business with a new name?  Forget the business part and just quilt?  Try to find a way to get the SR machine so I can get some more customers?  All advice and comments are welcome and appreciated.  Be honest and real.  I am not ready to give up on life or quilting yet.
    Oh, and I did enter a quilt into the AQS Grand Rapids show.  I'm praying it will be accepted. 
    Hello to all the Lindas, and Bonnie, and Myrna, and Holly, and Heidi, and Shana, and  Kim, and everybody else. 
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    BobbieJones reacted to Barbara Conquest in should I sell???   
    Nice to hear from you, Cheri...I think of you every day.  My personal opinion is that it's too soon to make any lasting decisions, unless you have a deadline to meet.  What seems right and logical now may not seem so after a couple of months have elapsed.  However, you are the only person who knows what's right for you.  How's that for wishy-washy? 
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    BobbieJones got a reaction from Sharonarooni in Machine "spa treatment" and possible Dave's lights   
    I think I'm first on Dave's list. His tools arrived at my house today so we should all be happy campers in a few days. I'm excited!
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    BobbieJones reacted to LisaC in Twyla's applique quilt   
    Very, very nice; JoAnn! It's beautiful!
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    BobbieJones reacted to DawnCavanaugh in Early Closing at APQS Today for Thanksgiving   
    Hi Gang,
    The APQS owners have surprised us this noon with the announcement that we'll be closing a little early today so everyone can get a head start on celebrating Thanksgiving with their families. Gotta love 'em! Thanks guys!
    So, we'll close at 3 p.m. CST today instead of the normal 5 p.m. However, just in case someone misses the notice, I'll keep an eye on my emails for any quilt emergencies. If you don't have my email address, here you go:
    We'll be back in full swing on Monday. Until then, remember that if you "count your blessings, you'll never have a negative balance". We thank each and every one of you for your support and your business over the years. God bless you!