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  1. All i can say is OMG what a nifty color tones
  2. I had the same problem once..so i took some of an old dress from my granny and put it in the copy machine and used that material you use for printing photos on paper and spread it though the whole piece...was a good match.
  3. Just thought I'd show off a little too: I don't hardly do freehand work anymore but this is the last one I did. She wanted something that was a WOW factor, so this was the best I could do and don't plan on doing anymore like it. Was over a weeks worth of quilting and she loves quill feathers. Now I guess I'll have to get busy and make a quill feather digitized for quilting.
  4. I'm 100 miles west of St. Louis and 80 miles east of Springfield. Little town called St. James. If you ever come my way just give me a shout, and you can come by and look at my toys. Toodles, QFairy
  5. I have finally gotten myself and my house back in order. Since coming back from the awesome MQS show in Kansas. I a have photo's to share if you want to see some that I have taken you can go to: http://www.flickr.com/groups/longarmquiltingandembroidery/ I love to share them with the ones that didn't get to go. Enjoy :cool:
  6. I've done this for over 6 years, but never use a ruler for the top and bottom..just pin and away i go. for the sides they come out more even the more you practice..I was scared at first but practiced on everyone I did til I can do them in my sleep now.. I do pin the bottom to hold it still while binding it. I do hand hem them all though, i think machine hemming is tacking. But I'm from the old School.
  7. I was not wanting to pay so much for an embroidery machine that had only one thread at a time to sew with..but after seeing the prices of them...I went with something a little larger...When I buy I buy more than I think I might use..as so not to slap myself in the face later and say "why didn't I wait and but that one". I am having a ball with it making blocks to piece for quilts and also labels for quilts.
  8. yes it kind of stands up but not to thick...will have to take a photo of the ones i finally decided to give it a try on a small ones first..worked out fine.
  9. Has anyone ever quilt on these types of blocks?? I have a tub full to quilt and haven't gotten to them yet..but thought I'd better get some input first...Do they clog up the needle? Never really thought alot about doing some like this. Any input is always welcome from you all.
  10. mama kitty is tiger striped with a splash of yellow on her back. will have to give them all away as we have another striped kitty she will be having hers in about 2 months...no room for all of them.;(
  11. I have compuquilter and would like someone that would like to trade even across and i would help break down mine...email or U2U me at quilts@centurytel.net reason for trading as i need the space table is ergo lift and batting under table bar along with the cables for CQ. 4 years old.
  12. I couldn't help to show off the new babies here: There are 5 all together and one is yellow like our daddy one.
  13. where you looking for one you can run or do you have CQ? If you want a paper pattern Ellen has a cute dolphin one: you will also see some that are cute to run with the CQ. She also has a really cute sea turtle i've used that turned out really nice.
  14. I've been longarm quilting for almost 20 years now..OMG that makes me sound old...well maybe i started really young...sure. Anyway i've bought more than my share of things to try out..but last year was a must have and those scissors that are purple and crooked are the boom girls is for cutting your backing/batting/top all together..they are the best ever. I would love to have 2 pair but at a little over $20 a piece i settle for one now.
  15. Could someone direct me to the web site that has the classes offered for the Kansas classes in May. I know they are filling up fast and would like to get one or 2 in this year. Thanks in advance for directing me
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