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  1. Call Michael or e-mail him. He can tell you how to easily repair board. Marilyn
  2. If there are any Circle Lord boards left after Mercedes, I am also interested in them. Marilyn
  3. WOW!!! And that pretty well covers how much I love Oma's room. Marilyn
  4. Quilted sunflower - Your sister doesn't happen to live in the Toledo, OH area does she? (I bought mine at a harbor Freight next to Joann's in Toledo, OH. Marilyn
  5. Even though the stronger magnets hold better, when they are on the bottom of the roller for some time they will fall off. Magnets are designed to pull and they are trying to pull that roller down. I have the stronger ones and put them on the bottom to observe; they eventually fell off. So just put them on and take them off before advancing rollers. They are wonderful in my opinion. Love using them when floating a top and I do this quite often. Marilyn
  6. Another thought on the magnetic bars - when the magnetic bars are on the underside of the roller, they may fall off. They do not have enough pull to hold them on. Put bars on after locking rollers and take them off before unlocking rollers. That should keep them from falling on your toe or on the floor. Sorry I forgot to add that before. Marilyn
  7. Do not have computerized system; but I think our machines have some computerized components. Would not attach the magnetic bars to the head of my machine or wave them around close to it. Sixty years ago (I know I am ancient), I worked as a secretary in engineering for a company that produced Alnico permanent magnets. Worked there enough years that little bits of information stuck. If your magnets are getting weaker, you may have been trying to put opposite poles together just for the fun it provides when they reject each other. That will cause them to lose some magnetism and so will exposing them to extreme temperature changes. (Can't believe that magnets have changed too much.) These are usually gradual losses in magnetism. Maybe someone will chme in with more current information. I use a magnetic pick-up for pins near my domestic machine, but I never attach it to the head as I am afraid it would cause big problems. Guess it might depend on how close the computer components are to your magnets or if they are already attached to the bars before one moves the computer components close. I am carefully using these bars and love them. Beryl, Hope someone answers your question as I am interested even though I don't have computerized system . Marilyn
  8. Went to Harbor Freight today and bought some of these wonderful bars. They are on sale $4.99 each and ordering on the internet, the shipping is not prohibitive. Good time to buy and I'm not even a Sales Rep for Harbor Freight. Marilyn
  9. Suggested magnets someetime ago to my DH. He seemed to think that I am a "little" gadget happy and suggested that I wait and see if someone on this site tried them. Thanks, Linda and now for a trip to Harbor Freight. Checked their site and they didn't show them; but maybe they will have them at the store. Rec'd your book beefore Christmas and am just now finding time to quilt again. Took the book with me in the car yesterday and am excited about all of the ideas and how to attain them. We spent all day today making bird cakes (I know, but we are retired and retired people find stange thngs to do to fill their time.) My DH is a bird watcher and feeder. Some of them become quite tame and he really enjoys watching them. Marilyn
  10. I think Legacy wool comes in a 30 yd. 120" wide roll. Has anyone used this? I love wool, but have not used legacy. Marilyn
  11. Jolene, Am having a not too successful time with computer and with U2U. Cannot find any message, only one that was posted in Feb. 2008. Could be I am doing something incorrectly which is not exactly a new expeerience. My e-mail is mddeck@roadrunner.com Hope I get this posted in the right place. Marilyn
  12. Thank you to all of you kind ladies - and I believe the concensus is that if you have it use Hobbs 80/20. Have added a few pieced borders to a halloween wall hanging for a 10 yr. old granddaughter who loves to decorate for halloween. She saw it today and is pushing dear old Grandma to get it finished. Have some Hobbs 80/20 and will get busy tomorrow. Know the phone will ring to see how I am coming about 5 PM tomorrow afternoon. This is a wonderful place to get answers to my many questions. Thanks again. Marilyn
  13. Have made many different sizes of quilts, but have never done a wall hanging. Okay, Bonnie - what batting should I use for wall hanging so that it lays flat? Read posts, a lot of them by Bonnie, to find out all kinds of info - so thought I may aas well just go to her. But will take advice from anyone. Marilyn
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