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  1. I just created a new circle/cog design to complement the string pieced circles in a baby quilt. Would you like to see how to draft these quilting designs using Art and Stitch? There is a free video tutorial on my blog post this week. Along with free pdfs of the quilting designs. This one would be very doable (even without a computerized machine). Check out my blog post. http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/quilted-cogs-a-modern-quilting-design.
  2. Kari

    Snow Day

    I just had to share. My Snow Day quilt is featured in the current issue of Fons and Porter Love of Quilting. I also designed a series of quilting designs for this in Art and Stitch. These designs were digitized and quilted on my APQS Millennium with Intelliquilter. They are perfect for your next snow quilt. http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/snow-day Kari Schell APQS Millennium with Intelliquilter
  3. Since you don't need to hold the machine, you can hold the pieces out of the way while IQ stitches. When I have small items (such as a flange), I will actually tape it down with scotch tape to keep it from flipping when stitching over it. The tape is easily removable with no residue. Here is my blog post on my flange technique. http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/quilting-a-flange
  4. Want to see my secret for quilting a flange on a longarm. Check out my blog this week. http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/quilting-a-flange Kari Schell On Point Quilter www.onpointquilter.com
  5. I am excited. I came up with some light custom quilting designs for a Storm at Sea quilt. I show how to draft the block design using Art and Stitch -- but am also selling the designs in all major longarm digital formats. Read more at http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/back-to-machine-quilting-plus-new-storm-at-sea-quilting-designs Kari Schell On Point Quilter APQS Millennium with Intelliquilter www.onpointquilter.com
  6. I have a new video that shows a heart swirl design. The video focuses on creating the pantograph in Art and Stitch. But it could also be done freehand on your longarm as well. Check on my blog post at http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/heart-swirls. (PS I also have a sale on the design.)
  7. I have both the metal and the aluminum bobbins for my Millennium. I also have metal bobbins for my Juki that look exactly like the metal ones for my Millennium. Are they interchangeable? I'm having trouble telling them apart -- but I don't want to mess up either machine. Karii Schell Brooklyn Park MN APQS Millennium with Intelliquilter www.onpointquilter.com
  8. I've been working on an Elsa and Anna panel quilt this past month. This weeks post was about how I am planning to quilt this. Lot's of Art and Stitch information in my blog post this week. I even am offering a free Art and Stitch file of my Snowflake Meander pattern. (For those without computerized systems, you can get a free pdf of my design as well.) There is a video showing how I created the design using Meander Anything in Art and Stitch. I also provided information on a custom option as well. And be sure to check out all the wonderful submissions for the Snowflake
  9. Kari

    Studio Tour

    Today I'm the featured designer in the Studio Spotlight Blog Hop. Hop on over to my website. Check out my quilting space and post a comment on my blog to register for my free pattern giveaway. Two people who post comments will be awarded two of my published patterns (their choice). Hope to see you there. My APQS Millennium with Intellquilter is featured in one of the photos. http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/studio-tour Kari Schell Brooklyn Park, MN
  10. Have you been enjoying the latest version of Art and Stitch? If you want an excuse to play, I am looking for bloggers to create ideas about how they would quilt my Irish Eyes quilt top. I would love to see what you come up with. I created some ideas of my own which are presented on my blog this week. I'm also providing a free Art and Stitch file for the motif I developed for the quilt. Check out the blog and the free file at http://www.onpointquilter.com/1/post/2014/04/party-time.html Art and Stitch is not required. Feel free to suggest a favorite pantograph or use Electric Quilt
  11. Have you ever been to a "Blog Party"? I participated in a series that Bonnie Hunter did as part of her Celtic Solstice mystery quilt last fall. I found it was a great way to start blogging and provided a way for me to gain exposure for my quilting business. I had so much fun, so I decided I wanted to create one around the concept of "Quilting the Quilt". Over the next week, I am hoping that many of you will develop an idea (or ideas) on how you would quilt top I posted to my blog this week. (This is a quilt that has been languishing in my personal stack of unquilted tops for at least a
  12. I just created my first You Tube video. It covers using the "split seam" method of pressing quilt blocks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7SYtaEVHQk I'm sure you will all be riveted. Kari
  13. A word of caution. If you upgraded from EQ6 to 7, your license agreement indicates that it is a violation of software licensing to give or sell your previous versions of EQ. Also a technical point about EQ6. There were also a limited number of allowed software installs of EQ6 (four). Each time you replace your current computer with a new one (or put the program on a laptop or had a hard drive crash), activating EQ6 will use one of your activations. After four activations, you cannot do another install.
  14. I am selling my remaining Circle Lord templates plus my R&S ones. due to my purchase of IQ. Let me know if you would like me to send you a photo of any of the items. Prices are noted by each item (along with retail if purchased new). Free shipping if over $400 spent. Otherwise buyer pays shipping. I am located in a Minneapolis suburb. (If someone in the area wishes to purchase we could meet somewhere and avoid the shipping expense). Contact Information: Kari Schell; e-mail kkschell@comcast.net The following are currently available: Giant Templates: King Clamshell (3 boards) $200 (re
  15. I'm heading to the MN quilt show this week and see that APQS will be a vendor there. I'm wondering if you bring any supplies to sell? I was just thinking that I could use some more bobbins. Kari Schell Brooklyn Park, MN
  16. I've updated the posting to take out sold boards and did some additional discounts on the remaining boards. Check it out if you are interested in adding to your Circle Lord or R&S collection. Kari
  17. I have updated the post to show only the items that are still available. Please let me know know if you are interested in any of the remaining items..
  18. I am selling my remaining Circle Lord templates plus my R&S ones. due to my purchase of IQ Let me know if you would like me to send you a photo of any of the items. Prices are noted by each item. In addition, buyer will be responsible for shipping. I am located in a Minneapolis suburb. (If someone in the area wishes to purchase we could meet somewhere and avoid the shipping expense). Contact Information: Kari Schell; e-mail kkschell@comcast.net The following are currently available: Giant Templates: King Clamshell (3 boards) ($310) King ZigZag (3 boards) ($325) Templates for Basic Unit
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I looked at the online spects and it appears both the Janome models are 7mm (which is still wider than what I want). I read a couple of things on the new Berninas (series 7 series) and it appears that they will be 9 mm. As I told the Bernina dealer I talked to last month, I may need to go back to my 1090 (without the thread cutter) until the manufacturers figure out that we all don't want the wide width that they are all now selling. I do a lot of miniature stuff and I really need the "grip" of the smaller feeddogs. Actually the Juki has the narrower width -- but
  20. I've attached a photo of the arch guide ruler.
  21. Does anyone know if there are any domestic sewing machines that have the following three features: max stitch width of 5.5mm (I don't like the 9mm many of the new higher end models have); automatic thread cutter; third hand system. I purchased a Bernina Artista a year ago for piecing quilts and while I like the knee lifter and the automatic thread cutter, I am still am having a lot of problems with the 9 mm stitch width. Since that is something that can't be "fixed" on the machine -- I'm hoping to find a different one that has my three "must haves". Any suggestions? Kari
  22. Replies have been sent to all who have posted U-to-Us. I've also updated the original post to show what is still available. Thanks. Kari
  23. I am cleaning house and in the process of selling many of my longarm rulers. They are used and many have have marks along w/ spray residue (to keep them from moving on the quilt). I've noted key information below (along with the maker so you can see picutres of the product on their website). I'm pricing these at about 60% of retail. You will also be responsible for actual Priority Mail shipping costs through the US Postal Service. Please let me know if you are interested in any of them. Post has been edited to delete sold rulers (8/22). Remaining rulers are: Shashiko Stars 3" Longarm
  24. I am still in the investigation stage of purchasing IQ. For those that have it, do you also have Art and Stitch (which allows you to digitize patterns)? For those that have Art and Stitch on what proportion of your quilts do you use it? Or is there any other program out there that you prefer? I've been playing with the trial version of Art and Stitch and it seems very versatile. Kari
  25. Is there any technical information out there that would compare the speed with and without Intelliquilter? Having watched a Statler "in action" when working on some charity quilts with our quilt group, I had pretty much decided the "slow speed" had eliminated my desire for a computerized machine. I was pretty sure I could have done 2 quilts using the same panto in the time we did one that afternoon. So before I reconsider, wanted to have some "facts" on the speed factor of using the Intelliquilter versus using just the stitch regulator on the Millennium. I will readily admit that I am a
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