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    Bekah got a reaction from T Row Studio in Elephant quilt---Sneak peak on quilting   
    Oh my goodness this is really an awesome elephant.
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    Bekah got a reaction from T Row Studio in Dandelion Quilt-very modern   
    I really like the straight lines you quilted. It gave it some life without taking away from the design.
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    Bekah reacted to T Row Studio in Dandelion Quilt-very modern   
    Hi here is the last one off the frame. I do not get very modern quilts in these parts but this one is leaning that direction.
    All I think it needed was straight line quilting. so that is what I did What do you think.
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    Bekah reacted to T Row Studio in Harley quilt   
    Good Morning it is a beautiful Friday here is a t-shirt quilt Wendy did I custom quilted to enhance the Harley logos I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think of the flames I did in the sashing.
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    Bekah reacted to T Row Studio in Elephant quilt---Sneak peak on quilting   
    Well this is a project I have been working on in my Mornings before Hubby gets out of bed. I decided I wanted to make a purple Elephant I did not have enough purple so I swapped fabric with a friend on Facebook and acquired some of my sister in laws purple stash and Made my Purple Elephant . It is not quilted but he just wanted to make an appearance I am to busy with customers quilts to get him finished but for now this will be good. I hope you love seeing him as much as I loved making him

    Sorry it is upside down what do you expect for a sneak peak LOL

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    Bekah reacted to Quilta93 in Embroidered Applique,......   
    Wow! What an awesome job!
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    Bekah got a reaction from jandcembroidery in Another 50 year old hand pieced quilt top   
    It is lovely and to them it will be beautiful. For a family treasure such as this, the important things is that it is finished and can now be loved. I do a lot of antique quilts and they are always a "challenge" but I am slowly learning that I don't have to worry as much as I do about it being perfect. You are giving them a piece of their loved one to treasure.
    And wine and chocolate always help, or so I've been told.
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    Bekah got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in Feathers - Curved Cross Hatch - Lone Star Wall Hanging   
    Oh my goodness this is simply gorgeous. I love how you combined the feathers and cross hatching.
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    Bekah got a reaction from Gail O in Right-to-left shredding/looping   
    I also have trouble with Glide thread. I know most quilters love it, but I am not one of them.  When I do use Glide, I use a thread net over the thread and have marked a spot on my head where to put the tension.  I also slow down. It just takes some fiddling with your tension. I know that tension issues like you are having are so frustrating. I can remember wanting to throw my machine out the door, but with the help of the wonderful people her and Myrna Ficken, I was able to conquor the tension beast and you will too. Just take deep breaths and take your time getting it figured out. Keep us informed on your progress because we all want you to be successful with whatever thread you want to use.
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    Bekah reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in Feathers - Curved Cross Hatch - Lone Star Wall Hanging   
    This was a quick small custom I squeezed in for an online quilting friend Wanda - it is going into her guild show next April!    I had a lot of fun playing with this - you all know how much I LOVE negative space!  
    She provided Warm and Natural cotton batting and I used Bottom Line thread by Superior Threads.  It is my absolute favorite thread for custom quilting!  The curly swirl designs (I'm not sure what to call them!) in each of the open white corners was free hand drawn whit invisible ink and then I just free handed over what I drew and pebbled around them to give them a trapunto look.
      20150818_095746 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr
    20150818_095243 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr
    20150816_001409 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr
    20150818_095910 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr
    Including a little peek at the back because I know I don't always think to show it.  I had one little hiccup I had to rip where I hit the wrong button and started stitching a million miles a second when I meant to needle down!    Pulled that out and the rest I'm really happy with! 
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    Bekah reacted to BethDurand in Quilting an old quilt top   
    Here's one I was sent from a long distance customer.  I'm currently working on it, but will post "afters" when I'm completely done.  I don't know the story, but I'm hoping that she'll share.
    So Fine thread, Hobbs wool batting.
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    Bekah reacted to kkey1030 in I did it...Bliss is on it's way!   
    I played with Bliss at a road show recently.  First I sewed on a Freddie without the Bliss system. It was nice and smooth and easy to move.  I really didn't expect anything big from the Bliss, and was quite sure I wasn't going to pay extra for it.  Then I moved to the Millie with Bliss, and it took all of about 10 seconds to completely change my mind!  I clearly felt the difference, and I KNEW I had to have Bliss on my machine when I ordered it.  So I sat down with Josh (the presenter) and put a deposit on a machine WITH BLISS.  Can't wait!
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    Bekah reacted to kimjohny in I did it...Bliss is on it's way!   
    I took the plunge and just ordered the Bliss Upgrade for my 2006 Millie.  I can't wait to see how much easier the machine will operate.  I've only read good things on this forum regarding Bliss.  I also saw the video from Sparrow Studios showing how "Lenni" moved down the table with only a fan blowing on it, what?  Talking with Amy yesterday kind of sealed the deal.  Looking forward to my delivery.
    Yours in soon to be smoothly rolling stitches,
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    Bekah reacted to Oma in Plans for new house   
    This looks very functional...lol.
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    Bekah reacted to jandcembroidery in So Disappointed This Morning   
    As a young child, I remember Christmas eve setting out cookies and milk and awakening Christmas day to find them gone and my stocking full of surprises as well as gifts under the tree. Then when I'd lose a tooth, the next morning there would be some jingle under my pillow. Last night, I loaded my quilt and this morning it was in the same condition as I had left it. I have come to the realization, that there is no such thing as a "Quilt Fairy".
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    Bekah got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in VT Quilt show   
    Congratulations Heidi. No surprise it won ribbons, the quilting is absolutely gorgeous!!!
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    Bekah reacted to CrazyAboutQuilting in Arboretum Quilt   
    Diane, your quilting is so beautiful!  Wow, what an honor for you!  Your quilt will be admired and enjoyed by so many people.  
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    Bekah reacted to Quilting Heidi in VT Quilt show   
    Just found out my Curved Bliss got an Exceptional Merit Ribbon and I won Best Quilting on a Longarm!  So excited.  Woke up this morning to seeing my quilt posted on VT Quilt Show FB page with 5 judges judging it!  LOL  
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    Bekah reacted to I dew quilting in Finished Barbara's quilt   
    I finished Barbara's quilt today.  I still have to trim it for her, but the quilting is finished.  Next one on the frame is all mine.  Barbara likes bright colorful quilts.  A few sections were planned before it went on the frame but most were figured out  as I went.  I would change a few areas if I could start over. 

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    Bekah got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in Millie Mouse's Progress on my Dahlia Quilt   
    Valerie that is some gorgeous quilting!!!
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    Bekah got a reaction from delld in This is the second medallion   
    Beautiful baby and fabtabulous quilting.
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    Bekah reacted to delld in This is the second medallion   
    I'm still working on the king size bed runner. Have finished the second medallion and now on to the borders. 
    Here is a peek.
    20150304_201323 by delld1964, on Flickr
    And here is my 3 year old granddaughter Lulu. We made a Grandmother's Flower Garden block coaster with melting beads but her is Gaga's Flower Garden! LOL
    20150307_090741 by delld1964, on Flickr
    Yes we had a fun day!!!
    Thanks for looking!!!
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    Bekah reacted to Enchanted Quilting in Selecting Quilting Designs   
    Great advice above.  I also relied heavily on quilting designs provided in magazines such as American Patchwork and Quilting and Fons and Porters Love of Quilting.  I would keep those pages in a notebook to help with brain freeze.  Also, don't try to cram too many elements into one quilt.  By that I mean, you might have CC's, Variations of curls, and some loops.  Keep a simple design that can be replicated in spots on the quilt.  Don't forget that stencils can be a great help for all of us...beginner or not.  Good luck!
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    Bekah reacted to Ann Wight in Selecting Quilting Designs   
    Ditto, what Linda said...  One thing I always do before I start a custom quilt is take a photo of the top, print it out in Black and White and then doodle on it!  Just start and see where your imagination goes.  You are not committed, start over/erase as many times as you like. Here is an example: 

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    Bekah reacted to ffq-lar in Selecting Quilting Designs   
    You'll get lots of advice for books, You tube tutorials, DVDs and instructors. Before you invest money in these products, look at quilter's blogs, Flickr accounts, and galleries on websites to find a style that appeals to you.
    If you're looking for basics, my favorite instructors are--
    Deloa Jones (her Sampler book is invaluable)
    Darlene Epp (her trilogy of design books is a longarmer's "bible")
    Myrna Ficken
    Kim Brunner
    Pam Clarke (beginners will be inspired by her easy first steps)
    Diana Phillips
    Angela Walters for modern
    As for what and where to place designs, it depends on the density of stitching and the intended use and recipient. You'd stitch a different design on the same quilt if it was for a teenage boy or a new bride.
    Rules--there are none, but curves on straight and/or geometric designs are appealing.
    Straight lines are nice on Modern quilts. Circles inside squares are nice. Echoes give added weight and emphasize stitching or fabric designs.
    An overall design can include motifs used in the fabric--floral fabric is nice with leaves in the stitching, paisley fabric can have a some more ornate curls and scrolls, panels with wildlife are nice with water designs, samplers can be as detailed as you or your customer want. Samplers are fun, with the same type of stitching in each block, but each block is a little different. That gives you a lot of practice.
    The same principles that apply to other art are used in deciding quilting designs--symmetry, balance, texture, light and shadow, intensity of color/tone, etc. 
    Have a great time on your journey---it's a great ride!
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