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2 Lightning Strikes Bargello Quilts finished

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Hi everyone! I'm finally responding to Ardelle's challenge to post pictures! Due to my crazy busy life, I was only able to complete 2 quilts in the past year. In less than 5 years, I've been blessed with 5 grandbabies... the 6th is due any day, and I haven't even started a baby quilt yet! These little munchkins plus a full time job keep a Gramma busy! LOL

Both quilts are bargellos... "Lightning Strikes" is one of my favorite patterns. The first, the green one, was made for my son's wedding last January. One of my first attempts at custom, I sweat buckets over the thought, but in the end, I'm pleased with how it turned out. I used Ronda Byer's rulers for the border... first attempt with them. They are so easy to use. Quilter's dream wool, it's my new favorite batting), and a silver/grey minky on the back. Ok, now to try posting pictures, fingers crossed that it works.


IMG_5811 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr


IMG_5818 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr


IMG_5814 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr


IMG_5812 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr


IMG_5824 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr


IMG_5820 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr

The second, oranges & browns, was for my daughter & son-in-law. She wanted the quilting to follow the lines of color. Was tons of rolling back & forth, I think it took longer than the first one. Again, Quilters dream wool, and brown minky on the back.

Both quilts are king size... 110 x 110 They take up my entire floor space in the living room


IMG_6206 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr


IMG_6207 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr


IMG_6208 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr


IMG_6214 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr

Both girls picked the Lightning Strikes pattern, and they each chose their own colors, all Jinny Byer fabrics. I have her portable pallette... such a wonderful tool for choosing fabrics, especially bargellos. No issues at all with the minky backing, it quilted beautifully

Thanks for looking, and thanks for the challenge Ardelle! And thanks also to Heidi for the instructions on using Flickr :)

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Hi Sharon, it's sooooo good to see you! I've often wondered what you were up to, thinking you must be super busy -- but wow all those wonderful grand babies and another on the way! How great is that! Congratulations! Love these quilts and what you've done with them. So beautiful! :D


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Both quilts are gorgeous Sharon! So nice to see you posting again and that your keeping busy with grandkids!

I'm going to have to look into this ruler you used for your borders, I love the design!

Kathy Schwartz

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These are both beautiful quilts and the quilting is wonderful. I saved them both for inspiration.

I understand about the 5 grandbabies in 5 years. That happened to me too. I thought it was wonderful...I kept saying "yay...I get a new model every year". There was 6 of them. Then they all started graduating from high school and heading off to college. Every year I have one graduating from high school and another heading off to college. Now they've started graduating from high school and another from college at the same time. This cycle is going to continue for quite some time. It's not just the expense of trying to help out, but think of the traveling it entails since they all live in different states and trying to be at all the graduations. Thank God the last three have a couple of years between them. I wouldn't change any of this because it has been lovely. You're going to have a grand adventure.♥


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Love them both and your quilting is awesome ! "ONLY" two quilts ???? BUT both Bargello! WOW...........that's a feat in itself. I have ONE bargello on my Winter To Do List and haven't even started yet. I do have the fabric !


APQS Millenium and Quiltazoid

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I've never really cared for Bargello quilts, BUT after seeing your orange & brown one (so very beautiful!) I think I need to look up a pattern and see how difficult these are to make. I don't think I have ever even read a pattern on them. Are they very difficult? Are some easier than others? Yours are truly awesome quilts!!


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Fabulous!!!!!!! Love both. I think they got a two for one. I bet the backs are fabulous too!!!!!

Dell 2016 Millie Frannie Ann Jr. with Bliss & she is Quiltaziod and Circle Lord Equipped with lots of Quilting Toys and now has Quilt Path!


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Oh my, thank you all so much for the wonderful comments! I actually feel like a real quilter now! They are the greatest compliments I could have, and it feels good to give a little something back after all the great advice and inspiration I find here. This is an amazing place. I would be so lost without this forum.

Oma, your comment about your grandkids all graduating in succession made my eyes bug out! I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet! LOL Do they each get a quilt for their grad, and how do you keep up with making them all in time? At the rate I’m going, I better start now!

Linda, hi back! Good to see you too! We’re practically neighbors, would love to meet you some day. I’m always looking for posts from my fellow Canucks on here, (Hi Cathy!) and wishing I didn’t live quite so far from you all.

Dyan, thank you for your comment! I love that these pictures could inspire someone to try one of these quilts. They aren’t as difficult as one might think. There definitely are easier bargello patterns to make than this one though. There are so many interlocking lines in the Lightning Strikes pattern, I think my eyes were crossed by the time I was done. So worth it though! The very first bed sized quilt I made was a bargello, but a much simpler pattern, no lines cross each other. When I went to the quilt shop to pick fabrics, the ladies there discouraged me from trying one of these for my “first” quilt as they thought it would be too difficult for a newbie. I actually found it very easy to do and it went together quickly for me. It’s all strip piecing, and just a matter of moving the strip segments up or down to achieve the lines. Here’s a picture of my first. I didn’t have a pattern for a bed size quilt, but I had one for a small wall quilt, so I looked at a the picture and played around in EQ until I got what I liked. Oh, and I should say that I didn’t do the quilting on this one. I took it to a longarmer, and when I saw her magnificent Millenium, I became obsessed with getting my very own. I found this forum, and the rest, as they say, is history :):wub:


IMG_3959 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr

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:) great to see your quilts, thanks for picking up my challenge! And they are very fine quilts indeed! Course Bargello is one of my the curved cross hatching!


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Oh my goodness! These are both beyond stunning and beautiful. I love your border treatment with Rhonda's rulers. I have a quilt to use them on and after seeing your treatment I am anxious to get started on it.



Shepherd's Garden Quilting

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