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  1. Thanks, Shirley and Heidi. I spoke with Amy and she thinks the motor brushes need to be replaced. New ones are on their way and hopefully will solve the problem.
  2. Hi, I have a 2010 Millenium that has developed a problem. The first thing I noticed today was that when I used the needle up/needle down button it would frequently hesitate as the needle was moving down through the quilt, and sometimes would go up and down twice even though I only hit the button once. I moved the machine off to the side, unthreaded it and removed the bobbin, and then let it run in manual mode. That's when I realized that every couple of seconds the machine hesitates and then speeds up before resuming a normal, steady speed. I have turned it off, unplugged it, m
  3. Gorgeous quilt and quilting! Cathy H took the words right out of my mouth - "luscious" and "yummy"!!
  4. Great pattern ... wonderful colours ... beautiful quilting! It looks terrific!
  5. That's a stunning quilt! Your quilting is beautiful! I really like your design in the outer border.
  6. Wow! What a gorgeous wall hanging! Your quilting is beautiful!
  7. Thanks for sharing, Linda. Another item to add to my wish list!
  8. That's really lovely, Charlotte! I love your purple inner border design!
  9. Wow! Very dramatic colours, and wonderful quilting! It's beautiful!
  10. Oh, very pretty! I love scrappy quilts and this is a particularly nice one!
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