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    Looking for APQS with 10 ft table

    'SOLD" I have a 2016 Lucey on Deluxe 10 ft. frame for sale.
  2. $18,000 Fort Myers Beach, FL 2016 APQS Lucey with Quilt Path $18,000 U.S. Fort Myers Beach, FL "SOLD" Selling my 2016 APQS Lucey on Deluxe Bliss Table. Choice of 10’ white table or 7’ black table. Stitch Regulated, "L" bobbin, S/N LA07679 Includes optional equipment Deluxe Table, Automatic Motorized Quilt Advance, and Hydraulic Lift ($5,000 Value) Optional Accessories Included: Hartley Ruler base with ruler Scoop Foot Ruler Foot Open Toe Foot Custom laser bracket for needle placement Black Light Thread Break Sensor Zippered Leaders Turbo Bobbin Winder APQS Manual on Flash Drive Quilt Path with Surface 3 Tablet Selling to make space for Millie30. Price includes full set up as described above, plus an assortment of threads and prewound bobbins to get you started. Just add quilts and you are ready to go! Complete system price as shown; Lucey without Quilt Path is $12,500. Located in my smoke-free studio on Fort Myers Beach, FL. Call for appointment. I will help disassemble for local pick-up. Original shipping boxes included. Shipment/freight/loading at buyer’s expense. Vickie Oliver/Beachside Quilter APQS Sales Service Training 239-209-0990 Any questions, call or email at
  3. Beachside Quilter

    SOLD 2014 Slightly Used Millennium SOLD

    This machine is sold.
  4. Beachside Quilter

    SOLD 2014 Slightly Used Millennium SOLD

    This machine is sold. Tomm360; Table is Bliss ready; can add Bliss for additional $1,000 plus tax and shipping.
  5. Beachside Quilter

    I'm back!

    Glad you're back, Patty Jo!
  6. Beachside Quilter

    Project Angel Quilt

    I'll make a block for Rita!
  7. Wow, Nancy! You turned this simple quilt into a shining star! Fabulous!
  8. Beachside Quilter

    Dance of the Dragonflys

    Wow, Terry; Simply gorgeous! Makes me think of spring; hope it comes early for you this year!
  9. Beachside Quilter

    Another Forest qu

    Love, love, love this quilt! Great job and sure to be enjoyed by your family in the woods!
  10. Beachside Quilter

    Sharing my excitement!

    Woo hoo! Congratulations, Deb!
  11. Just received my new Scoop foot! Can I say how cool it is that APQS engineers keep making our machines better and better? This new foot is the bomb; glides right over wavey quilt edges, stray threads, "creatively pieced" blocks with pleats , etc. Love, love, my new foot; got one for each machine, Millie and Lucey. Check out the new foot on the APQS online store. New shoes for my babies for the New Year!
  12. Fantabulous, Lisa! Sure to be cherished by your daughter for many years to come!
  13. Beachside Quilter

    Quilt of Valor

    Fabulous, Dell! Love the way you used Soar in the triangles! Perfect for this quilt!
  14. Beachside Quilter

    Hot of the Millie

    Fabulous, Judith! Your quilting is just perfect for this fun quilt!
  15. Beachside Quilter

    practicing posting pics

    Sew darn cute, Linda!
  16. Beachside Quilter

    Here is one I just finished

    Wow! Love it all! Great quilting, Vicki!
  17. Beachside Quilter


    Neline, the New Gen machines have a softer and less frequent chirp! You will barely notice it! Along with starting in automatic S/R mode with preset stitch length, single button function on handles, low bobbin sensor and thread break sensor you will love the features on your New Gen Millie. Somehow the engineers found a way to make our great APQS machines even better!
  18. Beachside Quilter

    Can't Wait

    Adorable! Wish I was going to the tea!
  19. Beachside Quilter

    critters in my Spring Bouquet

    Gorgeous, Dell! Looks great on your bed!
  20. Beachside Quilter

    Kaffe tote bags

    Awesome, Terri! They will be wonderful and unique christmas gifts!
  21. Beachside Quilter

    New Lenni shipping

    Congratulations on your new Lenni, and welcome to the APQS family!