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  1. Hi, I forgot to tell you, I had already tried the #8 screw. It didn't matter how far I turned the screw either direction, still kept cycling up and down. I will have to call Amy tomorrow. thanks for the input.
  2. Hi, I need help. When I hit the stop button the needle keeps cycling for another minute or two. It is a slow needle up and down. I have tried hitting the needle positioner to stop it as well and it just keeps going. I have tried turning the #8 screw and it doesn't help. I am making circles, so lots of starts and stops. Any ideas out there? I have turned the machine off and left it off and came back to it after an hour. First 5 or so circles everything was fine and than started cycling again. I walked away before I took a hammer to it I have an ULT 1.
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