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  1. Hi, got her back yesterday, back on the frame. AND I QUILTED this morning, First quilt off the frame was one made by my granddaughter. She has been waiting so long for it. LOL Well off to be a quit police at a quit show. Next quilt it load and ready to go!!!!! 58 to go
  2. It has been awhile since I have been on:) My Ult. 1 quit working about a year ago. Working with Amy, she sent parts, I put on, no changes. Almost all parts have been replaced on the machine. Hired someone to come out, still could not figure it out. Called every machine tech in the Portland metro area, some tried, still no luck. Called UPS for shipping charges, quoted at $1000 to $1500. So I thought just pack her in the car and road trip this summer , talk with Mark when he was in Salem, Oregon. He told me it would only be about $60-$100 for shipping, WOO HOO, called service department and got a box shipped to me and got a spa date. Shipped her off, scary day for mom, Amy figured it out, a short in the wiring in the handles from the previous owner. She, I have not named her yet , will be home this coming Thursday, and I am back in business. Thank goodness I only quilt for myself for the most part. I have only lost one customer on a short term leave. As soon as my machine is back, so is she. I already have 4 quilts lined up for next week for customers and 56 quilt tops of my own. You can guess what I have been doing for the last year . The customer service on APQS machines is FANTASTIC, I can not say enough good about the company. Love my machine and will be back practicing again and will be right back in the swing of things.
  3. Rewiring is easy to do yourself, if you feel up to it. I just rewired a Singer 99-13 birthdate 1925. She sews like a dream, I did it while recovering from surgery and could not sew
  4. You are making me want to get to Texas even more now. I wanted to go to Killeen to see my daughter in law, now it looks like we have to add a little site seeing in our trip when I get there. Sounds like a little piece of heaven.
  5. Dave, think about I-5 corridor in the northwest:) I am about 10 miles from I-5. Love to have you try and fix a machine:)
  6. Hi, Do they travel with tools and work on machines when in the area? Does begging help? LOL Lynn
  7. Would love to know what helps you. I have a herniated disc with arthritis. I am in chronic pain. PT was torture and so I stopped it, I hated throwing up and being in more pain afterward than before I went in. I am now looking into shots, before surgery. I had surgery 9 years ago for a herniated disc in my neck and it was such a relief to wake up from surgery and be pain free. I was good for 8 years, now it is back and just want to be pain free again. So I will give the shots a go and than look to surgery again. No pain meds for me, I have a life to live
  8. Go for it, I brought a used Utl 1 and love it. NSR but will be looking into soon:)
  9. Dave, Let me know when you are in Oregon:) I live in the Willemette Valley. Thanks
  10. Nice job, I too like the back better, but what a wonderful gift to her daughter.
  11. wow looks great, can't wait to see the finished pictures
  12. Good information to share. I had not thought of someone stealing the quilt right off a bed in my own home, I most likely would have given it to her it she had admired it and thought she could use it.
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