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  1. nanbrug

    Two new QoV quilts

    Very nice quilts and quilting. I have done the flange binding it adds such a nice feature to the quilt.
  2. Awesome quilting Libby.
  3. You did a great job ruler work is very good. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Wow beautiful quilting and quilt. You rocked this one.
  5. Beautiful quilting you do such a great job. Love seeing the pics.
  6. Lisa that is so pretty and love the quilting on it. I like what design you did in the rectangles looks wonderful.
  7. I prefer this forum and when I first became a millie owner this forum was really hopping and loved it. I couldn't wait to open the forum and look at all the inspiration quilters had posted. Sadly alot have gone the way of FB and I don't get to see their beautiful work. I still log on a few times a month but not like I used to. I have been on this forum for about 8 years now and will have more time to look on here because I decided this week to retire from doing customer quilts and quilt my own yah!!!! Hope everyone posts more pics love them
  8. nanbrug

    ISO- Design Boards

    Hi Angela I have giant templates boards from Circle Lord I have been wanting to sell. Circle thingy, Daisy (king), Jester (king), Rope (king), Trillium, Sakura (king) and the front design boards. If you r interested please let me know. Thanks.
  9. Terry your quilt is so beautiful. The black fabric sure makes the colors pop so nice. Great job!!
  10. I float all mine and haven't had any more problems this way than with using the belly bar. I took my belly bar off because its easier on my back and arms when doing a lot of customs. All I do is measure and baste down the top and make sure its square then advance down the sides as I go. Like Linda does I pin and make adjustments as I go down. Its all what you feel comfortable with.
  11. nanbrug

    Finally quilted!

    Very pretty I am sure she is going to love it. Lucky friend.
  12. nanbrug

    Finally quilted!

    Very pretty and I am sure she is going to love it.
  13. That is so cute great job.
  14. nanbrug

    The Storytellers

    Beautiful quilt and your quilting looks gorgeous!