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  1. nanbrug

    Two new QoV quilts

    Very nice quilts and quilting. I have done the flange binding it adds such a nice feature to the quilt.
  2. Awesome quilting Libby.
  3. You did a great job ruler work is very good. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Wow beautiful quilting and quilt. You rocked this one.
  5. Beautiful quilting you do such a great job. Love seeing the pics.
  6. Lisa that is so pretty and love the quilting on it. I like what design you did in the rectangles looks wonderful.
  7. I prefer this forum and when I first became a millie owner this forum was really hopping and loved it. I couldn't wait to open the forum and look at all the inspiration quilters had posted. Sadly alot have gone the way of FB and I don't get to see their beautiful work. I still log on a few times a month but not like I used to. I have been on this forum for about 8 years now and will have more time to look on here because I decided this week to retire from doing customer quilts and quilt my own yah!!!! Hope everyone posts more pics love them
  8. nanbrug

    ISO- Design Boards

    Hi Angela I have giant templates boards from Circle Lord I have been wanting to sell. Circle thingy, Daisy (king), Jester (king), Rope (king), Trillium, Sakura (king) and the front design boards. If you r interested please let me know. Thanks.
  9. Terry your quilt is so beautiful. The black fabric sure makes the colors pop so nice. Great job!!
  10. I float all mine and haven't had any more problems this way than with using the belly bar. I took my belly bar off because its easier on my back and arms when doing a lot of customs. All I do is measure and baste down the top and make sure its square then advance down the sides as I go. Like Linda does I pin and make adjustments as I go down. Its all what you feel comfortable with.
  11. nanbrug

    Finally quilted!

    Very pretty I am sure she is going to love it. Lucky friend.
  12. nanbrug

    Finally quilted!

    Very pretty and I am sure she is going to love it.
  13. That is so cute great job.
  14. nanbrug

    The Storytellers

    Beautiful quilt and your quilting looks gorgeous!
  15. David I am so very sorry for your loss. I think you should go with clamshells it would look great. Sometimes you just have to fly with a design idea and go for it. So glad to see you back on forum and that quilting is helping you get thru such a tough time. One of my customers did a king quilt with all scraps left over and it turned out lovely.
  16. nanbrug

    So God Made A Quilter

    Thank you for sharing and making us all feel better about all the time we spend doing our and others quilts.
  17. I use thread lubricant all the time but I get mine in larger bottles and its a lot cheaper. In fact I am getting ready to order more and I think I got it from Kingsmen.
  18. I haven't noticed anything on here from Linda lately or did I just miss it? Does anyone know if she's ok or just busy. I haven't been able to look for a couple days but I don't see anything from her.
  19. nanbrug

    Quilt Photo Catch up

    What beautiful quilting!! You sure rocked all those quilts.
  20. So why in the world don't quilters think about this prior to making a whole quilt? I hope she never has to wash it because that will be a disaster. I know that seems mean but I have had about 3 quilts that the quilter did a specialty paint work on and you guessed right the darn things run just from trying to steam fullness out of it. I hope you have good results I thought I had this one cleaned up pretty good until I looked at the backing of boy there was another mess to fix. Good luck let us know how it turns out I know how you feel the sick feeling in your stomach.
  21. nanbrug

    Gooseberry Garden Quilt

    Quilt and quilting is beautiful.
  22. Stunning quilting and oh my she did that in a tent? What talent you two have. Beautiful!!!
  23. nanbrug


    Hi John and welcome to the forum. Hope to see some of your work and share stories.
  24. Glad to hear you are ok Linda miss your input and beautiful eye candy. Hope all goes great and you will have time for all this old (lol) friends. And glad someone asked about Sylvia she has been missing in action too. Anyone hear from her? I sure miss everyone