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  1. Both of them are beautiful! Love your quilting choices. No wonder your customers are happy with the results!
  2. Wow, I love it!! Great design and beautiful feathers! Gorgeous!
  3. I have Linda's cross hatch rulers too and I also love them!
  4. Wow!!! Congratulations, Kay! Absolutely gorgeous doesn't seem to say enough, but I love it all. It was a very pretty top but your amazing quilting has put it above and beyond!!! Your first place ribbon was a no-brainer. You must have an extremely happy customer too.
  5. Adorable quilt! And your quilting is just perfect for it, really brings it to life. I especially love your quilting in the outside border, but the whole thing is beautiful!
  6. Wow Sharon, they are both gorgeous! ......and huge!! The borders are really beautiful. Love the Minkee backs too Enjoy all those wonderful grandkids.
  7. Thank you! Learn something new every day.......especially on this great forum!! :cool: :cool:
  8. Could someone please explain what that means when you say that some has a scrim and some doesn't? I don't know what a scrim is............ What are the pros and cons of buying it either way?
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