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  1. It's beautiful!! Both the quilt and your quilting!!! I really like the design you quilted in each of the stars. GREAT job!!!
  2. Prayers for healing for EM and strength and comfort for her family.
  3. So beautiful!! Great quilting choices really bring this quilt to life! Nice job. Lucky couple that will receive this beauty for their wedding present!
  4. So beautiful! I love all the different quilting you did in each block. You brought that beautiful quilt to life! It's no surprise that she won 1st place with it. Great job!
  5. Congratulations on your new Lucey! Lots of fun ahead As far as your stitch regulator is concerned, one thing to check is what is your stitch length dial set at for number of stitches per inch. If it is set too low (below 10), that will make the SR run very sluggishly. I run mine somewhere between 10 - 12, depending on what design and finished look I am going for. Another thing to look at is if you are getting good contact with the little black wheel of both of the SR's. If the contact isn't quite enough, the wheel won't turn fast enough. Look at your manual for your machine to see what I'm trying to explain. If neither of these suggestions are what is causing your issue, then definitely give Dawn a call. Good luck and welcome to the APQS family!
  6. Congratulations Heidi! You are so deserving of this exciting honor. I'm so happy for you!
  7. Beautiful quilt and quilting! And what a great feeling of accomplishment! Now, on to the next one............and we are all looking forward to seeing more pictures!
  8. That quilt is so ugly that I had to wear a blindfold when I quilted it.
  9. Breathtakingly GORGEOUS!!!! Can't wait to hear the results. Keep us posted as soon as you hear anything!
  10. Rita, I am so sorry to hear that you are having so much pain. I don't have any suggestions for doctors but I will gladly keep you in my prayers.
  11. Heidi, it is breathtakingly gorgeous! Your design is so lovely and of course your quilting is over-the-top beautiful! Good luck at the show. You will knock their socks off!
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