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  1. That's gorgeous and your quilting really makes it pop. I've got to learn how to McT one of these days...............
  2. Yes, a good lessoned learned for everyone..............too bad some people find the need to cheat others. She only hurt herself by now having a bad reputation. Not good for any business. I would stay far, far away from her !
  3. I found I like the zippers much better than the leader grips.
  4. That is GORGEOUS !!!! Pretty quilt before quilting, but your quilitng just made it POP. Congratulations.....................
  5. I've used both the Magnifico and Twist from Superior and liked them both. Never had good luck with the regular Metro for some reason. Love the Glide, too.
  6. I see Metro Sigma thread is on sale at a great price. What is the verdict on this thread ? How many have used it ? Just curious..............
  7. You have really been busy...........Not getting much of anything done today. Just one of those days. I think I have a fever..........SPRING FEVER ! I'm ready to get outside and do things in my flower gardens, but just a bit too wet out there yet. Maybe next week.
  8. My Janome isn't to be oiled at all ! My Viking was the same way. Never did oil it. A friend of mine thought that wasn't right and oiled her Janome anyway and gummed it up. When she took it for servicing, he said "don't do that !". Maybe some machines still need oiled though. Depends on the brand. I don't think I would like the mess of oiling a whole spool or cone of thread. I have used the Sewer's aid or put the cone in a bag and sprayed with silicone and sealed the bag. I rarely need to do either since I have narrowed down the threads that Millie plays nice with. Maybe just adding a drop of oil to the little dab of batting we put in the first thread guide would be OK.........just to keep the static down if there is any. ?????
  9. Love them both and your quilting is awesome ! "ONLY" two quilts ???? BUT both Bargello! WOW...........that's a feat in itself. I have ONE bargello on my Winter To Do List and haven't even started yet. I do have the fabric !
  10. That is just drop dead gorgeous !!!! Beautiful quilting and you could never tell the quilt had issues. You worked magic. Nice job!!!!
  11. I don't get asked to do it much, but listed a price in my sheet. I think it is .25 a linear inch. I put it high enough that most chose not to have me do it and that's just fine! That is my least favorite part of the making a quilt. I can sew them on with the longarm pretty good now, so for our charity quilts, I do that and then hand it over to other ladies who enjoy whipping it down by hand on the back.
  12. Isn't it sad that even in trying to do good and donate, we get ripped off ????
  13. Don't feel bad, Kelly. I tried every conceivable trick to get King Tut to work with my Millie and it just wouldn't stitch right. Finally got tired of the frustration and sold my cones on hand to another gal and they worked fine in her Handi Quilter. I had a Handi Quilter before I got my Millie and used King Tut all the time. LOVED IT! So, I have found other threads that my machine likes and will stick with them. Omni, Lava, Brytes, Sew Fine, Bottom Line from Superior and Glide and Affinity from Fil-Tec. I can get "the look" I want from those threads and they come in such pretty colors. I use mostly the Magna Glide Classic or Delights from Fil-Tec or the prewounds from Superior - Super Bobs. I have wound my own at times as well if I needed a special color for just one project.
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