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  1. That is beautiful! Your wonderful customer is in my prayers!
  2. I received my quilta light today and it was easy to install and definitely improved my lighting...so far I really like it.
  3. Yes that is the light that I am referring to. I have the older Millennium with the fluorescent bulb which really restricts my visibility. I have also looked into the LED light system as well. I was just wondering if anyone had tried or had an opinion about this new quilta light?
  4. Thank you for your response Cagey. I have wondered about the LED system. I have looked at it as well.
  5. I am thinking of replacing my fluorescent lightwith the new quilta light. Has anyone bought and used one on their Millie?
  6. We put the replacement wheels on last night only to discover one of the new wheels was defective, I am hopeful a replacement will be sent soon. We put one of the old ones back on so I can still quilt and wow what a difference, I almost need to practice again my machine floats again as it should. The change was so gradual I guess I had gotten used to muscling through my jobs!
  7. I beleive that it's recommended not to clean the M&M wheels with alcohol only the rails. The alcohol was recommended for the older wheels though.
  8. If there are future quilts I would pay close attention to how her borders are laying and if they are full offer to fix them. I often give my older customers extra services.
  9. Depending on your thread source they may replace a bad cone, one of the reasons I love dealing with Superior is that a couple of times it has been the thread and they have rushed me a replacement nocharge!
  10. Several years ago, after too many backs having issues, I began piecing my customers backs no charge. (just the ones with yardage) My customers love this and I end up with perfectly straight backs which saves me a ton of time and stress. I handle my wide backs the same way Linda Stellar does.
  11. My question is, is this APQS approved for the older Millies? How challenging is it to install?
  12. I used one of the frixion pens to mark one of my customer quilts this winter, tons of freehand. I took it to a friends studio to show her my work and despite having ironed them off they had all returned so we pressed it again when I got home they were back. It was more than -30C which was the reason. I pressed the marks off again before my customer picked up her quilt. I told her how I marked it and told her that the marks would return if the quilt is in the cold. I am not sure that I will use them on a customer quilt again considering our climate. I would also worry that if a quilt were shipped to a show on a plane that it might be cold enough for the marks to return. So I am pretty Leary of these pens now.
  13. Been there, I called and Amy talked me through re timing my machine and all was well...sure was stressful though. Now I leave a towel laying on the cabinet I have sitting under my table.