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  1. Wow, you were productive! That's what I need, a quilt retreat! Would you mind sharing the name of the bag pattern with the irregular shaped fabric pieces--I love that one!
  2. I've only made one quilt from start to finish for someone--a friend--and it worked out well. She bought her own fabric and I charged her $20/hour for everything else, yes, even sewing on the binding. Her queen size quilt ended up costing her $850 plus the cost of her batik fabrics. She was happy, I was happy.
  3. I love my little books and still use them all the time for ideas!
  4. The hand vacuum is a good idea. I keep on of those sticky rollers nearby, cut then roll, cut then roll--that way all the fuzz doesn't get out of control.
  5. Getting carried away was a good thing!! I love your quilt!
  6. For a couple years I was really, really busy with a back log of 8-10 quilts at any given time. After I had been quilting for about 3 years, I raised my price--stopped charging by the square inch and charged by the hour, $20. I could show my customers the price per square inch was not much different than $20/hour if doing edge to edge designs. It was when they wanted custom quilting that the price for their quilts jumped significantly. In the last two years, my business has died--I still quilt for a couple friends but that is it. I travel from Montana to Arizona to spent winters in a warmer climate so I wonder if that is part of the reason business has gone--I'm not there to take their quilts. But, I really feel it was a price issue as I see these same customers who were largely friends of mine send their quilts to places such as Missouri Star. I'm totally NOT sorry I raised my prices and as I am fortunate enough not to have to quilt--I am OK with it. Take some time off if you can as Mary Beth said--and come back with a new perspective!
  7. Really makes the quilt colors "pop"!!
  8. An amazing job of quilting, love your border feathers--love all of it!!
  9. I have a business account with Filtec and just logged in with no problems and could see wholesale pricing.
  10. Gorgeous quilting and I love your choice of fabrics!
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