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  1. Getting carried away was a good thing!! I love your quilt!
  2. I just need to figure out the whole Instagram thing!! Guess I need a trip to Arkansas to see my niece and great-niece--they are my iPhone helpers!
  3. I have a 1200 Pfaff Grand Quilter I would be willing to sell for $600 (OBO) and I would ship it, we have the original box. It has a Quilters Cruise Control stitch regulator.
  4. Your talent is simply stunning Kay--I always love to see what you've created!
  5. Linda, do you happen to know what year the Millie for sale is??
  6. I bought a Juki on a Grace frame--same concept. Sold the Juki to a friend who like me didn't like the small throat space and I happened to notice a used Freedom on this forum within driving distance of us in Montana. The friend is totally thrilled with her new to her Freedom. Another friend of ours bought the Juki and Grace frame--husband and I set it up for her. So far she likes it but I can also see a longarm in her future too.
  7. I want to sell my Pfaff Creative Sensation 5.0, upgraded to 5.5. I bought the machine used in a weak moment thinking I would use the embroidery portion. Nope, not interested--I want just a sewing machine! Purchased the machine from a very reputable dealer who had traded it in on a newer Creative Vision. It sews beautifully and does incredible embroidery. Has only 37 hours of sewing time on it. Comes with several extra feet, a single hold needle plate, carrying luggage and cart. Asking $3500.
  8. Our Costco store has something called a "kitchen mat" and I bought two Wednesday--boy to they make a difference. They were $24.95 each.
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