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  1. My table has been in its highest position for several weeks. I want to move it back down, but the control box with the up down buttons does not work at all. I have checked the connections. I have unplugged and re-plugged. The table is TOO HIGH, and I have to get it down to use it. Does anyone know what I should do?
  2. This is EXTREMELY annoying. My panto -- which I mark at top center -- has shifted over an inch! It is 140 inches long, and I sure don't want to rip the stitches out. The panto is crossing over itself in places.
  4. How funny! A Rolodex is a container that you can turn that holds 2 1/2" x 4" cards to put your names and addresses on. I'm sure most people use their phones now, but I love mine because I can draw pictures on it of quilt designs. I'll show it in my next VLOG on You Tube. Just search "Joy Bernhardt" if interested, but the Rolodex won't be up for a few days.
  5. I sure do know THAT is true! I do good to remember my name these days. Will put it on my Rolodex. I keep tons of notes and quilt designs on my Rolodex. I have a tab for leaves, bugs, swirls, geometric, etc.
  6. OKAY! Thank you all so very much. I tightened the top tension. Then I unthreaded the thread path that had thread in all three holes above tension disk. I put thread straight down through only one hole. WALAH!!!! No break this time.
  7. I have spent days doing all the stitching around the applique and the SID on a pretty quilt I spent weeks making. Finally got to the FUN part using 7 spools of Rainbow Variegated thread. All I have done for the last three hours is pick out every single bit of it because it keeps on breaking!!!! No burrs. Remember I finished all the SID and outline stitching without a single break, BUT I was using regular thread for that (not variegated and not Rainbow). I have the bobbin so loose it drops to the floor. The tension is completely loose on top and I am not using the hook. I've tried using and not using it. Breaks faster if in it, which means it breaks after 5 stitches instead of 10. )-: Of course, it is Saturday, so I can't call anyone. I read all the APQS tips. Turned the eyes around. Changed the needle twice. Don't have another spool of the same color thread. The entire quilt is BATIKS. Does anyone know how to get this thread to behave? TIA,
  8. Thank you to whoever said the bar could be rotated. I knew about the little hole with the offset screw that is nearly impossible to reach, lol, but I was thinking it was for raising and lowering only. It is possible to turn the bar as well. I must have turned it just a tad when I put the cone foot on. But since I wasn't doing any SID, I didn't notice it. My husband came upstairs to my studio and fixed it all perfect for me. Thanks Again!
  9. I have been using my machine for over 10 years, so I AM familiar with how to change the feet. I just took off the new cone-shaped foot to put back on the open toe foot. I have tried and tried, but I cannot get the open toe foot to go on so the needle is in the center of it. It is quite a ways off. I have screwed, unscrewed, rescrewed and changed screws. The only way to get it centered is to have the screws loose. I'm sure that can't be right. I HAVE to have the needle in the center of the foot for custom work I'm about to do. TIA for any advice or tips.
  10. I am a member of the quilt path user group. Still, only the same videos as on Youtube. Much more information is needed. I'm waiting to hear from one of the APQS people.
  11. I am a new QP owner. Got it last month. Since the time I got it, I have watched ALL the Youtube videos available many times. I have read all of Thread Waggles written tutorials. I have copied all of the manual and read through it. I have uploaded QP to my laptop. I have read for many hours and taken notes. I have used it on two quilts and a plain muslin. Still, I find a lot of information VERY lacking. For instance: "Placement Methods", Page 12. It shows a drawing of EXACTLY what happened when I tried to place a pattern inside an odd-sized shape. The pattern doesn't fill it up in the picture. I turn to Page 13 to see what to do, and there is nothing more on the subject. Where can I go to find -- or buy -- more tutorials on how to use Quilt Path? Surely, one doesn't have to wait for classes that only occur a few times a year. My quilts can't wait for that. The person who installed it for me didn't know much about it herself, so I can't really call her. She didn't install the QP carriage correctly either. WHO can I call? WHERE can I go? WHAT can I buy? Any information would be very much appreciated. Joy
  12. Goodness! Maybe we need to wait a year and see if everyone still loves the Bliss. What does one do if the system needs adjusting -- but you can't adjust it? What is the longest period of time one has been used at this point? Hugs, Joy
  13. I want one, but don't know how to get it? Can they be ordered now? Are they backordered? My nearest sales rep is Connie in Texas and she doesn't even have one yet. Hugs, Joy
  14. "The OTHER Joy". I've never been called that before, lol! Hugs,
  15. Is the new system going to be at the MQS (?) or whatever show it is in Kansas in May, 2010? My husband may need to drive me up there for a test drive. Hugs,
  16. I'm wondering too if it will be TOO SLICK. Will we have to add a bunch of rice bags like Sharon does??? Surely not. Hugs,
  17. Yeah, I want to know all that too. Can it be added to a 2006 Millennium w/14' table? Joy
  18. Thank you again, Dawn. I really appreciate all the information you have shared with me here. Don't know if I'm ready for all of that yet -- the zipper attaching, that is. Will make a note of where to get them, however. I'm so excited that I'm at the bottom of my quilt and it is STRAIGHT. May leave well enough alone for a while. Hugs, Joy
  19. Dawn, Does APQS sell the zippers? If not, where should I get some? Hugs, Joy
  20. Dawn, I understand. Thanks for the pictures. I wanted to tell you (thought I did, but don't see it here) that I got my leaders straight again by pulling on the parts that had not been attached to a quilt yet. It worked, and my latest quilt is perfectly straight. Thank you, Joy
  21. Dawn, I would love to see a picture of that. Can you show us a picture of your zippers and the extra leaders. A picture is worth a MILLION words to me. Hugs, Joy
  22. THANK YOU, Dawn! How wonderful to take time to 'splain all that to me. Makes PERFECT sense. I did watch your video when I got my Millie, so I knew to pull the canvas to straighten it each time. Seems like that isn't enough anymore, however. I think I will order new canvasses and start over. Do the canvasses come with good instructions on HOW ON EARTH to attach the first end to the roller STRAIGHT? Hugs, Joy
  23. Isn't the canvas used for the leaders suppose to be NONstretchy? When I changed from 10' to 14' bars, the canvas did not appear to be attached straight. After using it several times, it gets more and more uneven. A few quilts ago I pinned the front leader to the back leader and tightened the rollers. I could really tell then how much the leaders were OFF. I marked a black line on both leaders where the "straight" appeared to be. That worked for a few quilts, but now it is all crooked again. :( What can I do? Do I need new leaders? Is there a stronger canvas that won't pull out of shape? I don't see how a quilt could ever be pinned on straight if the canvasses aren't straight. And what is the point of straightening it if it is just going to keep getting crooked again??? BTW. The canvas on the 10' table was perfectly straight and I never had a problem with it. Joy
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