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  1. Here is a link to the winners: I got a third place in the group category with "Oregon Shores" I saw Caludia Phiels quilt and Ferrits quilts and they were just stunning.
  2. Terry do you have a circle template of some kind that is the right size to go around the white part.................then you can do feathers, leaves, or something around the circles which can be used as spines.
  3. Suzi try a tool for taking the lint off a sweater or a mans electric shaver to get rid of the bearding. I have found that warm and natural beards too. I will no longer use it on show quilts for that reason.
  4. Yes I do have some thoughts but first let me pick my jaw up off the floor! I would be sure the other longarmes in your area are made aware of her practices Gas does not cost that much and she is ripping someone off bigtime is she is gonna mark them up that much.
  5. that is just too awful for you to have to sleep under..............I can send you my address and will take it off your hands! All kidding aside I just love your colors and the design just pops!
  6. Oh the possibilities! That is beautiful! Ok you need a plan. Choose a dense fill or two. My current favorites are delicate McTavish and pebbles. Choose a theme say feathers, whimsey spirals or something like that. Do you want curvey or stairght lines in there. Say on the sqares.................fill every other one and do CC on the others.......this is just one option. You can do fill in the light areas for the stars. In the stars themselves choose swirls tat spiral from the center. Or do elegant feathers. Or do straight or curvey lines..........lots of options but choose one element
  7. I too love the solitude of where I live. I can go all day for days I am on the end of a dirt road and can not see the road and that suits me fine. I have nice scenery out the window............I see a mountain and the forest. I do not see my neighboors except those houses far away..........the closer ones are in the trees. When I want it I can drive to the city half an hour away.
  8. I would do exactly as Angie has instructed. I too will block quilts and the key really is not to touch them until they are bone dry!
  9. I kinda think there must be many right ways to do these as I am seeing a varity of things people have done. I just finished the binding of my first one today (it is for a customer). I had to fit 88 t-shirts into a king sized quilt.........boy was that a puzzle. In any case I bought a book on making them and the quilt store also told me to use a fusi knit which I did. Got it at JoAnns with a 40% off coupon. You want the stretch of the fusible to go the oposite way of the shirt. USE A PRESSING CLOTH and check the heat so you do not melt the desing on the fusilbe but make sure it is hot enou
  10. YOu and your daughter make a great team. Your feathers look wonderful!
  11. Mary I am sooooooo glad to see this story has a happy ending...................the quilt looks wonderful! Hopefully you will have gained a new loyal customer and all you hard work will pay off in the end. Now go have that bottle of wine with no limits!
  12. I toally feel for you! It looks like you are working your wrinkle loose and haveing to do some frog stitching as well. I am not sure how the frames on the APQS work as I have another brand of machine. My top roller has the ability to come up and I can literally open the sandwich each time I advance the quilt which is what I do. I enables me to reach in and smooth the batting by a gentle pull from the center and then along the sides. Then I can lower my top roller and by keeping the the backing roller snug I have the batting laying perfectly smooth, I can bend over and see while I am doing t
  13. Teresa if you have a dream and just keep focusing on how to acheive it, it will become a reality! Just keep focusing and put away money to buy the machine and it will happen. Instant gratification is so wonderful but is not always ment to be! I will pray that something will happen and the machine will be yours!
  14. Yep Practice, practice, practice and then repeat the same over and over! The more you do the better and faster, not to mention the easier it gets!