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  1. My bobbins were getting chewed up also, but I think I had them turning the wrong direction. I thought they were supposed to turn counterclockwise, but then started using Magna Glides and they only work one way, which in clockwise. Started using the cardboard bobbins clockwise also, and haven't had any problems with shredding since. This way, they turn in the same direction as the backlash spring is pointing. If going counterclockwise, the cardboard will rub back against the sharp edges of the spring.
  2. I've been wanting to try these new lights for a while now, but didn't feel free to spend the money. Recently my quilt guild gave me a surprise gift card for quilting the raffle quilt, and these lights were ordered immediately! I can't even begin to express how happy I am with them! I HATED that light bar! In fact, my husband had helped me remove it years ago and we rigged up a combination of stick on led's and a florescent under the arm of the head. It wasn't bad, but these lights far surpass anything I have had. They were easy to install (I needed a spacer like Heidi's). I really like having
  3. Del, I am so sorry. You and your husband are definitely in my prayers. And I will be praying tomorrow during the surgery.
  4. Can't wait! This will be my "first time"!
  5. I used the snappers for a while, but also went back to zippers. As I think Heidi did at one time, my quilt zippers are sewn to about a 2 inch wide grosgrain ribbon leader on which I have marked the center and inches out from each side of the center. Then, starting at the center, I staple about every 2-3 inches on both the top and bottom of the backing to these ribbon leaders. I usually put a couple extra staples at each edge, then zip both the top and bottom onto the frame to the take-up bar and the backing bar. You have to have the right kind of stapler, as a regular one would be very awk
  6. Have you tried Maxi-Lock cone thread. It is usually used in sergers, and is a little linty, but works great and at a great price!
  7. Have you checked for burrs on the edges of the hole that the needle goes through? I have broken needles on the plate occasionally due to needle flex. I didn't think I had burrs there, but used the crocus along the edges of the hole anyway, and thread breaking stopped.
  8. I just recently purchased an ipad and bought a case at the Apple Store. It feels kind of like a rubber on the outside, comes in several colors, and just snaps onto the ipad. It has a four sectioned cover that folds over the screen. The cover can fold to the back and give you a slight tilt on a table top. Also, the cover stays closed -- I think there is a magnetic edge. I got a pretty light blue and I like it a lot. Seems to protect very well. It's the only case I've had, so can't advise about any others. Where can I find info about this ap?
  9. I bought one from R & S many months ago. Have been using it ever since and love it! It's so much easier now to line up rows since you can see what you're doing and even dry run the whole row to make sure you have it set right. And by putting the panto under the plastic, you can either make marks with erasable markers or use blue tape to tell you where to stop or begin, because you can see them on the monitor. And you can see up front when you are getting near an edge and can just "scootch" along it instead of completing the design off the edge of the quilt. Once you get it set right for y
  10. Sandra, you are in my prayers. My daughter went through this last November. She was almost 40 and her periods had become a little heavier than usual.The doctor did a uterine biopsy, not expecting to find anything unusual. She had a total hysterectomy removing ovaries and tubes and checking lymph nodes a few weeks later. Today she is doing great, without any signs of any cancer. Back to working fulltime and will finish her Masters Degree in May. This waiting period, not knowing and not being able to do anything about it, has to be the worst of all. Please try to be at peace knowing that
  11. If you are looking for a shiny thread, Isacord is another great option. It is very strong and there are some good prices for large cones is you shop around online.
  12. Another thing you might want to do is check with Deloa Jones' husband, Dave. Dave seems to hit the road quite often for quilt shows, classes and to deliver and set up machines and the special lights that they sell. When traveling he sets appts along his route to service machines. Check out www.deloasquiltshop.com.
  13. Wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me to ppp and the squared off circles would go away. That is only partly true. Fortunately I live in Des Moines and my husband went down to the APQS and talked to someone there about how to adjust the table. We thought we had it level, but they had him do something more with that support bar in the center (can't remember what it's called -- I'm sure Dawn or someone can walk you through this). Then I switched to Edgerider wheels (this was before M and M's were available from APQS) and between the frame adjustment and the wheels, it made all the
  14. Oh, I was using a yahoo account, so changing to yahoo will not prevent it from happening.
  15. I had the same thing happen a few months ago. I'm the editor of our guild newsletter. They got into and used the list of about 100 guild members. I had to break the list into smaller lists, change password a couple of times, and so far so more problems. But I know several people this has happened to. It's more common than you think.
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