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  1. New in the Bag 144" zipper system...$54.99 will sell for $40.00 plus postage $6.00. Please email me at quiltnutt@bellsouth.net Zippers are sold
  2. I have new in bag zip system for 14 foot table. New cost is $54.00. I will sell for $40.00 plus postage. email me at quiltnutt at bellsouth.net No U2U I am still learning this new forum
  3. I have 2 sets of new zippers,never been used for sale. one set is for 126" set....SOLD pending sale one set is for 144" set Both new to buy is $54.99 per set from The Quilting Connection. www.longarmconnection.com and you can check them out. I will sell each for $40.00 plus postage. Please email me at quiltnutt @ bellsouth dot net..No U2U please.
  4. I am doing the binding for a double wedding Ring that is all curves and scallops. the quilt is 110 by 110 straight measurement. All the binding will be bias and I feel that $3.00 per 12 inch is too cheap. what would you all charge. thanks
  5. Just went to your blog and your quilt is soooo beautiful. CONGRATS on your win !!!!
  6. My sister just got Bobbin Knobbins for Class "M" bobbins on her website...www.BobbinKnobbins.com. Thanks for looking
  7. I have never seen this machine and boy oh boy..it is cute. I'm gonna whine...I WANT ONE...lol:D
  8. We are looking at getting the Bobbin Knobbins for the "M" Bobbin. Yes, My sister found Bobbin Knobbins that fir the "M" bobbin. She should have it on the website by end of the week. The price will be the same as the other case. The website address is www.BobbinKnobbins.com
  9. My Sister has just started her new business..www.BobbinKnobbins.com this week and www.facebook.com/bobbinknobbins It is a foam shaped horse shoe to go around your bobbins.t comes with a case that you can put your name on it.I use it for my DMS.Thanks for looking.
  10. Very very fast:) I had a cust like that years ago...nothing I did pleased her and finally I suggested she find another LAer. She did and did the same thing to her...some people you just can't please. Life is too short for negative people to put you down. I know it is hard because it is our reputation that is being slandered however your regular cust know your work and keep coming back. Just keep smiling and don't say a word about her,it will die a natural death and people will see that she is having sour grapes because she didn't explain herself to you. We are not mind readers. A suggestion for the future. take a picture of the backing,ask the cust what way she wants the backing to lay,if there is a label,tell then you can't place it exactly and give them the option of removing it and they can hand pieced it on later or it will be quilted in where ever you have to place it. They usually take it off. If the backing is too short,give everything back to them and tell them to bring it back when the backing is fixed and squared up. This is our business and it is hard to say no but we have to stand strong on what we know is best for us.
  11. I never trim unless I'm doing the binding. Sometimes I deliver quilts and if the cust ask me to trim,I make them stand next to me and tell what they want. I usually do this for my very elderly customers..I have one who is 93 and her piecing is perfect..
  12. I am so sorry for your lose. My prayers to you and your family.
  13. I wold love to do this. I have Pellon 80/20 and I will need the wide muslin. I have the panto PEACOCK MEANDERING that I can use.