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  1. When I took Angela's class, I also felt it would be too hard to take my Milli, so I just took a large drawing tablet and wile everone else was using their domestic machines, I practiced drawing out the designs. I was amazed at how easy it was to do these designs on my Milli when I got home. I sort of held my pencil in my whole hand rather than just in my fingers so make it more like moving a machine. Just an idea for you.
  2. I am a bit late with my reply, but there If you did not get your used machine from APQS,there is a slight chance that your bobbins are after market non-APQS bobbins. As an APQS dealer, I have discovered from customers that there are some bobbins out there that do not properly fit our machines. They look just slightly different from the 'real' APQS bobbins (no holes are one of the things) and don't perform as well either. My customer was having all kinds of tension problems and when she started using bobbins that were directly from APQS her problems went away. Just an FYI.
  3. These lights are fantastic. A customer asked us to get them and install them for her. They are very easy to install. It took my DH about 1/2 hour to install and that included removing the bobbin winder on a 2001 machine as the customer doesn't use that and wanted it off there for a cleaner look. They are just as bright as the lights that APQS puts on the newer machines. Wonderful! Thanks, Mike. Also, Mike was so easy to work with. There was a glitch with the overnight mailing and he went the extra mile to get my money back for that as well. So he provides good customer service as well.
  4. The problem that I see with Velcro comes when you take the quilt off and then put it back on (which is why I have zippers in the first place, so I can do that). The Velcro is not as accurate when putting the 'quilt in progress' back on the machine as the zipper is, and so consequently, especially if you are using a computer, things may not line up the exactly the same way and you can see that on the quilt.
  5. Another vote for QD wool. I love it, winter and summer, and now most of my customers love it as well. I am almost at the point where I can get rid of some of the rolls of batting in my studio and free up some room as they never get used. ;-)
  6. The problem that I found with teaching is that most shops do not pay for your samples and unless you have a sample, people don't want to take the class. I have made many samples only to have the class not go because no one signs up. And also, the shops want the samples done is current fabrics so they can sell that fabric to the students, as everyone wants to 'copy' the sample. Once I put up a sample to advertise a class. Well, the class didn't go, but the clerks in the store said everyone wanted to buy the fabric that was in the sample. It was an older fabric from my stash and so the store was unhappy as well because they didn't make money from either the class or selling fabric. I have pretty much quit teaching any kind of quit top classes as they just got too expensive and making the samples took time away from my quilting.
  7. Love the peacocks (the wood ducks are also great). I want to practice thread painting soon, but just don't seem to find the time. The kitchen, living room, dining room, entry remodel is almost finished so maybe I'll have more time then. Sure!!
  8. I am interested in this topic as well. Of course, I know that insurance rates vary by location, but mine has gone up to over $1000. That is a lot of quilts.
  9. I use Warm & Natural or Warm & White only for wallhangings. It is good for that, as it keeps it shape while hanging, especially if the quilt doesn't have dense quilting (when the thread alone keeps it from sagging ;-) W&N or W&W has 12% polyester scrim criss-crossed in it to hold it together, which makes it kind of stiff for a 'cuddly' quilt, JMHO.
  10. It really does depend on the show. One guild that I belong to, I am not considered a professional, as you have to make a certain amount of money quilting, which I do, but you also have to have won a best of show or a viewer's choice ribbon at a show and since I have never entered a show where there is voting or judging (until this weekend) I don't qualify. However, at one of the fairs around here, you are a professional if you make or have ever made any money quilting a quilt, selling your quilts (even table runners count), teaching a class, and I think there are a couple of other things, but I can't remember them. So, know the rules and don't jump into the professional category if you don't have to - it's a hard, cruel world at that level!
  11. I would bring several of my 97 UFOs. I would bring some that were not so fun, but that I want to get done and some that are quick and easy so I would have a feeling of accomplishment. When I go to retreats, I always make sure I have everything cut out and ready to go, as retreats are not the easiest place to concentrate and I have made too many cutting errors to want to do much cutting at one. I also tend to take tedious projects, like the one that needs 56 flying geese or one that needs to have all the applique stitched around or for me, binding. It is so much easier to do these when you are engaged in conversation while you are doing them than it is when you are sitting at home alone in your sewing room wishing with each one that you were done! Have fun! A whole week! I am jealous!
  12. Best wishes and congratulations Patty Jo and George.