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  1. With my last quilt, I had to push the blue start button about three times, before it would take off; it would take one stitch and then stop. I have a 2010 Millie. Everything else is working fine. I checked the service videos and don’t see an adjustment. Is my mushroom handle going bad? Thanks for the help.
  2. I'd be willing to talk rates, Linda. What is your email?
  3. Thank you for the info, Karie. I passed the word on to my friend.
  4. Thanks for the ebay tip, Nancy Jo. Someone else mentioned to me the ebay post, and my friend has put a bid in. Sounds like the question is the condition.
  5. You must be right, Karie. My friend said they go fast. That's why she asked me to post on the Forum.
  6. Bernina 1260 Premier Quilter WANTED. Contact: lford2280@charter.net
  7. Both the quilts I've seen of yours so far are fantastic! The quilt piecing patterns and fabric choices are also great!
  8. Wow, Oma! It is so fun to see your space. I'm envious of your quality cabinets. I love your floor. And, I like the curved track lights, plus everthing else, of course. Thanks for sharing -- looks like you are a seriously creative person!
  9. Deb -- can you give the pros and cons of 'resin bonded' versus needle punched with a scrim or thermal bonded? Thanks!
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