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  1. Thank you, Georgene. I have tried this button, but it appeared to have confused the system. I will try again. I am very new at this, so probably did something else wrong as well.
  2. LadyLake

    Nesting rows

    what is the Facebook page for APQS quilt path? I searched and it does not come up. Thank you! I found the answer -- thanks!
  3. Is it possible to program Quilt Path in EZ or Basic, to quilt multiple rows without stopping after each row? We have not seen it mentioned in the first three YouTube lessons, and don't see the option on the menu. Thanks for your help!
  4. I recently bought a new pack of needles for my Millie from a local longarm supplier (not APQS), and want to make sure they are the correct type. The yellow opened pack are the needles I am using now. The unopened black pack is new. Thank you for your help! Joan
  5. Well, after viewing Sharon's video, I realized that I do use a similar handmade board -- a big board. But I have had it for about 10 years, so I wonder if it is too hard because perhaps the batting has squished down from so much use. It does seem like the wrinkles happen because the area over seams is thicker than the center of the patches, so the bottom of the iron only presses the areas with the thickest widths, if that makes sense.
  6. That is a good suggestion, Sue. I'll take a look at what Sharon uses.
  7. I haven't heard of wrinkle eraser spray. The wrinkling happens more with thinner fabrics, but not necessarily inexpensive. It does happen with regular weight fabrics too. I wonder if it is my iron. Maybe I need to set the steam at a lower setting.
  8. LadyLake

    Finally FINISHED!!!

    That is a really sweet quilt --nice job!
  9. LadyLake

    looking for techniques

    He could use grid paper to draw the human forms, and then methodically go thru each square, deciding what color it will be and if it is a full sqare or half-square triangle, then piece it.
  10. Okay, so sometimes the seams on quiltops need to be pressed a different direction or the top needs pressing in general. No steam does not do the job even at the hottest setting, however steam wrinkles the fabric as shown here, especially on thinner fabrics. The customer is allergic to starch. What do you do to avoid or fix this problem? Thanks.
  11. LadyLake

    Bricks and Cobblestones

    Beautiful! I'm sure that one will sell!
  12. LadyLake

    QZ Spiro Attachment Not Listed

    It was not me that was looking, as I already have a QZ. It was a friend, and I was pass the word along that two are available via this forum. Thanks and best wishes to you both.
  13. LadyLake

    Shooting Star finished.....

    Beautiful quilting, as always, Ardelle. I love the piecers fabric choices and the pattern, also.
  14. LadyLake

    QZ Spiro Attachment Not Listed

    I received the following response from the owners of the Quiltzaoid, regarding why the spiro is no longer listed on the website: On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 11:55 AM, Linda Anderson wrote: > Joan, > > We did take the spiro off our website and it has been discontinued. There are no issues with the product and we will always stand behind it. It was a business decision, the main supplier of some of the components of the spiro raised their prices and it was enough that we didn't feel we could pass those increases on to our customers. > > Maybe we will be able to offer it again in the future. Thanks for asking. > > Linda & Adam