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  1. Oh my, Janette! Your quilting is so perfect, professional and outstanding! Love it!
  2. Thanks for all of your information; you folks are always a reliable source for quick quilting tips!
  3. My step-mother gave me a set of Frixon Eraseable Gel Pens for Christmas and swears that I told her they work to mark quilts. I don't remember saying this, and thought I'd check with you all, the experts on this. It says on the instructions that the pens have thermo-sensitivegel ink formula which disappears with erasing friction. Any comments?
  4. Since it is that time of year for Santa and his helpers, I thought it would be fun for us all to share photos or stories of our Studio Helpers! SantasHelperNumber2 by LadyLakeQuilting, on Flickr Here's what I found one morning when I went in my studio to start quilting. Babe is a foster dog, so we can forgive him for not knowing any better. SantasHelperNumber1 by LadyLakeQuilting, on Flickr All my helpers are tired from the long hours! At least resident dog, Cutter, knows better than to actually lay ON the batting. He figured snout snuggling was allowed!
  5. I would not recommend two studios. Go for your dream, Dory -- make your studio everything you want it to be and more!
  6. WUNDERFUL, Janette! Very relaxed feel. I like the way you threw in the wood texture. I need to do a fern border, too. Next quilt!!!
  7. All I can say is that the blocks look very 3-D to me! And excellent quilting job. I'm sure you're Son-in-law will love it!!
  8. Marcella, Prodigy is a good machine. Have fun with your quilts and congratulations on your new machine!!
  9. Sorry to hear that, Janette! I have trouble remembering to stand up straight when I work from the front of the machine, too. I would like to know what planking is as well. I guess this is a good time to point out a couple of other health-maintenance reminders. Wear ear plugs whenever you can while working at the machine, especially if you are using the stitch regulator, which is noisier and harder on your muscles to push the machine, AND especially wear ear plugs if you work from the back of the machine. I have a friend who is deaf in one ear from working at an industrial sewing machine f
  10. Who set up your machine? And, was the laser light tested at that time?
  11. I use Golden Threads paper to audition quilting designs. I like it better than plastic or plexiglass, because I can keep my designs if I want to, or pin themup on a bulletin board to study. I use the Little Girl ruler by Gadget Girls for stitch in the ditch. For piano keys, I sometimes use the Little Girl ruler. At times, I use a lone stencil and chalk to premark the stitching lines. If the lines are premarked this way, sometimes I will use my horizontal and vertical channel locks to get a straight line instead of a ruler. Another way I do piano keys is with my Quiltazoid (www.quiltazoid
  12. I have a 2010 Millennium. They eliminated the on/off switch for the laser light. You just push in the plug or pull it out for turning on and off. As you stand at the back of the machine, the plug is located on the rear left of the machine, behind the stitch regulator. If it does not work when plugged in, have you tried fiddling with the laser light itself--sometimes they need a little twist to connect and light up.
  13. Your feathers look great, Bonnie, kinda artsy! Definitely Sid the stars first, then fill with feathers. You could use the same thread you quilt the feathers with, to Sid the stars, just try to stay on the side of the ditch away from the star. That way, you can Sid and feather fill before advancing fabric to the next section. Then change threads and go back to fill in the stars. I was thinking the same as Jess/butterfly, doing something geometric in the stars. If you want to try out your curve crosshatch rulers, you could use them on the stars. I'd use matching thread to be easy on yours
  14. I would frog only the stitches that overlap plus about 1/2" and freeform quilt to connect the lines, even if they don't look exactly like the pattern. Then, I would run a line of quilting between the two rows that have extra space between them, going back and forth between the two rows, echoeing the pattern objects. Depending upon how it turns out, I would either charge half price or give it to the customer free with an apology. Show them what happened with your machine, so they can emphathize, but be very apologetic.
  15. My 2010 Millie vertical channel lock usually locks in when I first turn the machine on. I assume it is an overactive circuit board. Sounds like yours is on 'overdrive'. Perhaps changing out the circuit board? Maybe there was a quality control problem with the circuit board manufacturer???
  16. Your quilts are all really cute. Start with simple designs to get to know your machine first. And, come back often to ask away here. We have all kinds of quilters here, so there is sure to be somebody to help.
  17. It will be fine, so long as you start the top of the quilt with just 1/2" extra batting, and tug as mentioned, each time you advance the quilt. I do find Quilters Dream to bunch up, so am always diligent about tugging. Another way to monitor, is to place a pin halfway both in the top and the batting, so you can see how you are doing.
  18. I enjoyed quilting a simple Christmas panel for a customer and received a treat from the letter carrier -- my new Linda Rech book!
  19. It is a beautiful quilt, Kathy. I especially like your quilting on the borders. I can see why it is special to you.
  20. I frequently have trouble with thread breaking at a certain spot when quilting circles. For me, it is often the 'northeast' side of the circle. I would try the loosening tricks recommended, but also slow down when you get to the problem area. I also find using the stitch regulator and making tininer stitches helps sometimes. Also, what size needle are you using? Try a 4.0, if you aren't already. Hope it works out for you!