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  1. I was going to suggest a wavy line thru the border squares, crossing at each intersection. Kind of a cross between squiggling and continuous curve.
  2. I love your quilting style, Della! Especially the curlicues.
  3. Madelyn, Okay, here goes. Nope, no luck. I actually have been doing the same process as you described for many years. Perhaps the problem is that I have my camera set on maximum resolution, so that I can get the most detail on the quilting of the quilts. With this email, I tried cropping the photo to about 1/30th of the original, and it still didn't work. I'll keep fiddling. Thanks for trying to help! Joan
  4. Madelyn, I was excited for awhile when I read your post, and tried exporting to my desktop instead of the default 'sites', but still no luck. Joan
  5. Dawn (or anyone else), I have a MAC. I have tried reducing the size to 'small' and using the custom option of the dimensions set at 100 pixels. Still no luck. It continues to say the photo is above the maximum size. Any other suggestions? Joan
  6. One of the first quilts I pieced had a picket fence, and the longarmer quilted in flowers along the fence -- see photo (I keep getting a note that the file is too big, guess I'll have to learn the new system and post it later). I have no hesitation to stitch-in-the-ditch on open seams, especially for wallhangings. I think the quilt lies flatter when the seams are pressed open.
  7. I received an email from UPS Tracking last night, that my rolls of batting from QD had been received and are on their way. I placed the order on the 29th, so they are catching up! So glad to hear that they are okay.
  8. Glad to hear it. I spoke with a lone staffer there last week on Monday to place an order, and it sounded like they were in the thick of it with the storm.
  9. Guess your homeland is way ahead of mine, Julie, on when Thursday occurs -- you are in Australia, right? It is only 6am here in Minnesota, USA. I'm starting the day with one of my own quilts on the frame, red-brown, sage-green. &red-gold batiks with various sizes of circles. I am going to try out the Spirograph function on my Quiltazoid over those circles. On the home front, my foster dog has been very sick from eating a mega size rawhide bone that I thought I was treating him with...
  10. Cool! I love the way you picked up on the feel of the piecing with your quilting, Ardelle!
  11. Does any one know if the Quilters Dream batting company is okay after Hurricane Sandy?
  12. What about quilting the center patch of the colorful spikes? It does seem like it needs at least that.
  13. Happy Birthday, Heidi! Glad to hear you got to celebrate with your family! And, thank you for always being here for us, too -- we love you!
  14. Beautiful quilt --she'll love it! Libby, you are one of the queens of feathering!
  15. Pretty panto --you have such a nice collectin, Dell. Thanks for sharing.
  16. My favorite part is in the last photo, how you quilted the star arms. The direction of the feathers makes it also look like curved quilting. Nice job, Libby!
  17. I quilted a panel this weekend for one of my more fun-loving customers; it is called Party Ants (photo attached.) And, I just finished one of my own, a spiral tablerunner very similar to one I posted last year. The cucumber fabric was the inspiration. I just found that all my posts since 2006 are saved under My Account and then My Content. Which means, most of us could re-create our favorites by going through our Content, since we likely commented on it!
  18. I finally got in a quilting non-stop groove yesterday, and quilted from 3:30am to 5:30pm. Finished one quilt, did another start to finish, and did half of the other quilt. I've been quilting for 10 years now and have never been caught up. Wouldn't it be nice to actually do a quilt right away when it comes in and send it out the door? BTW - I love the way we can now attach more than one photo with the new forum! I used Quilters Dream Cotton Select Loft & Wool to get the puffy loft. Morning light is always great to show quilting shadows!
  19. I was wondering that myself, when I was picking what forum to list quilting supplies for sale. I decided the APQS Machines For Sale forum must only be for machines, so I put it under Chat About Anything. But then I noticed others putting misc stuff in the Machines forum.