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  1. Meg, I looked at your flicker album [Meg Kent, WA & La Quinta, CA and noticed the beautiful quilting design you did on the sawtooth star quilt block, with the fine tendrils forming hearts over a pearl tip -- love it. Joan
  2. The first year I was in business, I gave out $10 'quilting bucks' coupons -- when a customer paid for their first quilting job, they would receive a $10 quilting buck for every $100 they paid, good for future quilting and expired in one year. The coupon was the size of a dollar bill with my logo and info on it. Some people saved and used them, others didn't, but it was a good promotional fun thing to do. I also gave 10% off to first-time customers and gave discounts to current customers that gave me referrals. I haven't been able to keep up with my waiting list any more, so the promotional
  3. What about having it framed, since it will likely be a wallhanging, and that way you wouldn't have to deal with the back at all. Beautiful job!
  4. It seems like it should have a medieval name. I like the words radiance and sparrow too. You did a great job of getting some texture out of that piece -- very sure lines of quilting. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Your quilt is absolutely fantastic! It is so inspiring to see someone put everything they have into a quilt and what can be done.
  6. I really love what you did, Patty Jo. That was a creative way to represent pine cones and I like how the thread color compliments the color tones in the quilt fabrics. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I bought about 9 pieces of bulletin board (approx. 30"x40") from Menards. Hubby screwed them onto the wall. I painted them white, then bought a bolt of Thermore fabric wholesale and used pins to attach it to the bulletin board. This has worked well for me for several years.
  8. Those are all great ideas; I think when we move we'll do some serious energy usage review. Speaking of leg-powered LAs, since we are moving soon, neither one of us is sleeping real well, so my husband went down to my quilting room to sleep on the floor. He said he rolled over in the middle of the night and heard this loud noise -- he had rolled onto my power fabric advance pedal!
  9. Here is my business' current binding service offer: BINDING Binding that is machine attached to the front of the quilt and hand stitched to back is $0.15 per linear inch; machine attached to front only is $0.09 per linear inch. Do not pre-cut fabric. If I don't have time or am not in the mood, I give the job out on contract. I should take a percentage, but she is a friend in need, so I pay her all of what I charge; however, the contract amount is deductible as an expense on my business taxes.
  10. I used to switch threads when I basted, but it is too much work, so I just use the same thread as whatever is in the machine at the time -- thread is cheap! If the bottom edge and corners are puckery, I spend time pinning (I use flower head pins), pulling the fabric straight down from each block and pinning until all excess is eased out.
  11. I wonder if the extra electric cost has more to do with all the laundry I've been doing to support my year-round sports son that changes clothes three times a day and just left for college. I think the ideas you mentioned about spot lighting high activity areas and using energy saving bulbs are good ones too. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much. We'll see!! Thanks!
  12. My electric bill is currently about 60% higher due to having my quilting studio in my home. We are moving soon and my quilting space will triple. Any ideas about how to reduce electical usage while retaining enough light to quilt?
  13. Hi Jessica, To remedy that problem, I release (unpin) the bottom edge of the quilt top one or two panto rows before quilting, and then straighten out and repin the bottom edge, including squaring the corners. I baste down the remaining side edges and bottom edge before quilting the last two rows. Hope that helps!
  14. I like the way the log groupings go in different directions. perhaps you could do simple leaf vines going up each log, similar to the leaves in the applique, then do a larger flower motif in the beige areas, similar to the applique.
  15. The outdoor natural light really brought out the colors in your quilt. It reminds me of some of the quilts illustrated in The Quiltermaker's Gift book. The fabrics look hand-painted. I would hold off naming it until you've quilted it, because you could go different directions with the style. I don't have specific suggestions for the quilting, other than the fabrics seem to call for an artful hand-crafted type of style to me.
  16. Hi Mercedes, The take-up roller is the roller furthest away from you as you stand at the front of the machine. You pin the top edge of the backing to the take-up roller. The backing roller is the roller closest to you. You pin the bottom edge of the backing to the take-up roller. I think the instructions from your archives are good, once you figure out which roller is which. Let us know if you need more help. The rollers are frustrating for everyone at first.
  17. Linzi, I would love to see your meat safe, bread bin, kitchen dresser, etc. -- do you have a photo to share?
  18. Another idea, I see there is a thin white inner border and a wide dark outer border. The center blocks could be done with an overall; SID the inner border; and, use a coordinating contrasting thread to create a border design that shows well and adds interest to the quilt. (don't have ideas of what pattern to use -- perhaps someone else would have a thought.)
  19. Somehow the block seems so geometric -- I wonder if wispy clouds as an overall would be interesting and do-able. If you do any custom -- I would play with ideas to make the moon stand out, eg. curved crosshatch or SID edges. Also could do multiple circles over the whole quilt, if you have a circlemaker.
  20. Did you freehand the circles? They look close to template work -- you have a lot of control and a great look to your feathers. I like the texture you achieved on the quilt too.
  21. I like the trees dark -- they contrast well with the ground and sky, so I would suggest using dark variegated threads for the bark. For the background, you could establish the direction of light and quilt in shadows from the trees. You could add interest to the background with both the swirls and maybe some small light blowing leaves? Or a small mouse. Just some thoughts. Have fun and do what you think looks cool. You've already got a great start!
  22. Mercedes, I enjoy observing the natural world close-up, such as leaves, flowers and bark and taking cues of what a continuous quilting line would look like for the textures and shapes. Joan
  23. wOw! She looks very confident. Congratulations!