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  1. There is a 2001 Milli used on here for 7500.00. With the customer service and that price you couldn't go wrong. Just my opinion but this is a great deal. Michele
  2. Have you oiled the bobbin area?? Michele
  3. No Worries. Glad you got a machine and are excited about it. Michele
  4. I'm sorry I don't understand the question. It works like any other stitch regulator. If you turn the SR on it will not make a stitch till you move, when you move it will make stitches. http://intellistitch.com/ If you google intellistitch you can go to their website. There are videos but I haven't watched them. APQS at this time doesn't update machines with their stitch regulator so this is another way to go. Michele
  5. I have an Ult 1 with Intellistitch added to it, which is a stitch regulator. Works well makes a good stitch,speeds up and slows down with movement. Just for the SR added I believe is 3000.00 but you live is Australia so I would have no idea about price. Michele
  6. I just had my yahoo email hacked. It sent spam to everyone on my contact list. I hadn't changed my password in .... umm a long time/ever. Trust me it is worth changing your password so all your contacts don't get spam. Michele
  7. I don't have a ruler mate but my hartley base kept falling off even with stuffing stuff in the sides. It finally fell and broke in half. Michele
  8. I've used it as batting and it worked just fine. I used just the width of the fleece, didn't try sewing it together to make it bigger. Michele
  9. This has happened in a quilt group I was in. I believe the quilts were donated to a hospital and they were found in the thrift shop. It's not just large organizations that have to many donations. Michele
  10. That is WONDERFUL news, congratulations!!! Michele
  11. I moved from one part of Ohio where there were very few longarmers in business and was doing great. 2 years ago we had to move to another part of ohio, considered NE ohio and the longarm market is saturated with the longarm business. The guild I'm in has at least 6 LAer's in business, which is great, but they are established so all my business comes from where I left. I hope if you decide to take the leap you do wonderful!!!!! I'm hoping to upgrade my LA even though I have no business just because I LOVE it. (so if you want to buy a used LA U2U me. ROFLMAO) Michele
  12. Pat, Other than my husbands time I think we have less than 50 bucks in it. Michele
  13. Sandra, I thought that was a RUFFLE before I read anything. I guess a ruffle is a little girly for a harley quilt. LOL Michele
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