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  1. i seem to have confused people, nancy, i just did a search for a picture of the quilt. i wish i did have the pattern, i would differntly get it to you. sorry... it's not mine (wish it was) it is a beautiful quilt, but i'm sure you could find something similar to it for your group quilt. i'm going to go look at my applique books real quick for something 'similar'...hold on... okay...there's a nice book called 'Botanical Wreaths: Nature's glory in Applique' by Laura Munson Reinstatler that has a close feel to the quilt you want. i also checked Amazon.com they have 12 copies starting at $3.98. there's not pic of the cover, i'll see if i can get one to come out... also, i have the out of print 'Jacobean Rhapsodies' books written by Patricia Campbell and Mimi Ayers. The last time i checked amazon.com they were $100+ per book. i'd LOAN them if you wanted to do those.... i also have some neat Art Noveau flower patterns.... just trying to be helpful. i really wish i had the pattern for the one you wanted...did you do as suggested and contact the orginal designer...what did they say? good luck...
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