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  1. i'm an almost daily poster on Instagram- user @piecefulkwilter come for a visit...
  2. hey everybody!! long time no type! i need to replace my needlebar and bushings and ordered the 'kit' from the factory only they sent me the directions for replacing the hopping foot. imagine my panic while reading the instructions that showed cutting it off with a Dremel !??! thank goodness i read ALL the instructions before and noticing the error. That would of turned my day bad quickly! do any of the techy reps have the pdf that can be emailed to me!? thanks in advance!
  3. so i have been given an "all clear" to return to "normal activities" with the medical advice of "If it hurts, stop doing it" (well duh. i could tell people that for $100 an hour) i'm still not 100% tho. i have just started being able to bear weight with my left arm! Yeah to being able to raise the wine glass...wait, i mean water , glass with out using both hands!! i would say close to 55%- 60% and i'm driving again!! yeah for independence!! i have perfected driving a stick shift almost one handed i have quilted two of my own quilts (pictures on blog soon) and hope to ease back into customer quilts. i can only go 3 to 4 hours before getting tired. can't wait to get back to my normal full time routine, but i know- i'm not in any hurry. i don't want more unwanted down-time from surgery later. it's kindda freaky how things worked out- with my thyroid surgery, the move, and the trip to Italy i had planned my quilting schedule and with the wreck only have a couple of client quilts at the house anyway... i know this is a bit off topic: but i do have an Instagram account. User: @piecefulkwilter it's an app on smart phones and a comedian once described it as "twitter for people how don't like to read" it's like little peeks into other people's life...mine's mostly quilting with some redneck stuff thrown in for fun...
  4. i'm too lazy to take the time to look on the internet, and i thought that i'd have much better luck asking here i need a polyester variegated thread in the colors of madri gras: green, yellow, and purple- no other colors. does such a combo exist? thanks
  5. my colloarbone was broken by the seatbelt and i had 3-4 bruised ribs. i also have a vessel in my neck that is giving me some great comic relief: if i move just right i get wicked dizzy/spinney. i have puked once from the spins and almost passed out the other time. *fun times* blood thinners are fun too! why am i so fascinated by my Xrays!?? i love looking at how all my bones fit together. my favorite is the hyoid bone in the bilateral head shot. maybe i was a doctor in a past life...
  6. first, i want to say a HUGE thank you to all the well wishes for my recovery!! i'm finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel. i have a bone doctor's appointment Friday and i'm hoping for an "all clear" to get back to quilting.... AND for all those that have always wanted to get "inside my head"- here ya go...... not very exciting is it.... (told ya so) notice the absence of any cobwebs
  7. i'm sure he would if you bought him a ticket...
  8. a friend's son is a 'spray paint artist' and needed summer work while out of school...so i commissioned him to paint the doors of the cabinets that i use to store customer quilts and batting....
  9. i used the basic template when i first started- full page, white background, and dark grey font color, then went in to the advanced part and tweaked it...i don't think 'my' template is available anymore....but play around, you might find one you like.
  10. i'm going to need a BIG piece of batting soon, and before i buy from an unknown seller, i want to ask if any of yall have the wide (120inch plus) batting for sale buy the yard?? i want to keep my money 'in the family'
  11. thank you all!! i promise to post to my blog with pictures!! check it out sunday night/monday
  12. i'll be ordering these... thanks to everyone for their help
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