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  1. it's on the machine as we speak. in my haste to get it done, i messed up my math and had to add some width to my i pieced the label in at the same time.... i'm quilting it with little free hand baptist fans
  2. okay- went to the post office today (4/11) and mailed all the American bound squishies. CONGRATS ladies!!! everyone had the correct amount of postage. thanks for that! i was out of custom forms for the international ones, so that will be done friday.
  3. He came home with me that dog won't let me out of his sight. The only reason he was way over there was that he was scared of the ladder
  4. i just got mine up on the design wall. here's the blocks i got
  5. 40 swappers at (30) blocks each- 1200 loose blocks. that is three 6 foot tables and my friend's dining table... i had to stand on a ladder to get all the blocks in the photo... squishies will be released into the wild during the next week
  6. thanks....i'm thinking about making me a boarding pass/ID/passport wallet to travel with and i wanted it to be big enuf...
  7. does anyone have an old boarding pass they could measure and let me know how big it is.... see, i said it was off the wall....i thought i might had one stuck in the pocket of my suitcase, but i must of thrown it away
  8. double check that there are no punctuation marks in the picture's title??? and don't preview the posting...
  9. I have over 30 so far, so that means no repeats after swapping ( except for the people who sent two sets)
  10. just a quick post- the deadline for the 30s repro swap is quickly approaching (march 31st) and i was wondering if there are any squishies winging their way or on the way to winging my way??? (received squishies list click HERE ) my plans are to do what i normally do....wait a week for stragglers, swap, then release them back into the wild before tax day (april 15th) international swappers- look for the paypal invoice for shipping around that time too.... thanks....okay back to the quilt on the frame
  11. either way, good luck selling it..... and as a matter of fact, i have been fishing. the dogwoods are blooming and the white bass are schooling and turkey season starts next week
  12. ....i followed the link. she stated that's it's a 1939....singer didn't start producing crinkle machines until 1941..... something smells fishy.....
  13. looks great!! i love getting the mail when it comes to block swap deadlines my mail lady, donna, asked just the other day, "doing another one of those fabric swap thingies, huh?" she knows i'm a quilter..
  14. the quickest way to my heart is thru my stomach! thanks!
  15. I did not receive mentioned it on the other thread.... I even checked my junk/spam folders
  16. i have a thread under the birthday block exchange page that i update with squishies as they come in....
  17. holy cow....i'm looking at hotels for the there somewhere i can pitch a tent??
  18. the way i swap, you will get one of your own back. i'm pretty sure we will have 30 swappers. if not, you will get some duplicate blocks. i think with the pattern of this quilt, it will be extremely easy to 'hide' the duplicates. the only concern is with the piecers who made two sets. they will not be able to get back 60 completely different blocks...
  19. i just got the awesome news that a quilt i quilted has been accepted into the paducah show... now i'm debating making the drive to attend the show. (honestly, the idea of walking around with a 'quilt show participant' ribbon hanging off my name tag gives me the school girl giggles) anyone else going??? i need to look into hotels....
  20. thanks, i'm good...the storm seemed to hit KY, AL and IN the worst and my thoughts are with those people today. it was scary last night, tho. the lightening will be the thing i'll never forget. the yard is soggy and water logged. the dogs almost need a bath after pee breaks... 'in like a lion', my butt....more like 'in like a screaming insane psychotic banshee'
  21. i was just wondering if anyone else with MMs have noticed that they need a 'warm up' period before stitching? this morning i started quilting and i noticed that my machine was sticking bad, then after a while it didn't (it feels like it does when the the frame is out of level). then i remembered that it has happened before but has gone away after a while....i know everything's it the 'grease' in the wheels needing to be 'warmed up'?
  22. i found huge clear plastic tshirt bags from Uline that are degradable...i'm thinking about ordering them. 500 for $81 it would take me approx 6 years to use them all
  23. it won best use of color in the traditional category- that had nothing to do with me...