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  1. Sad news, I've ordered from them also...always great service.
  2. Like Sheri, I have many bobbin cases that I use for different thread types. I've dabbed a spot of nail polish on the top of the bobbin case so that they are easily for poly etc
  3. Congratulations to you both, oh how I love romance! love and laughter always Satu
  4. WoW Lyn, wonderful work. Love the quilt and your quilting is simply beautiful. Cheers Satu
  5. I'm fond of 'painted pony quilting''s a little different, makes me smile, easy to remember and you can have some fun with a logo cheers Satu
  6. Von, what a fantastic effort ! Congratulations to you and your band of 18 wonderful quilters Cheers
  7. I've been doing my Jane for near 2 years, a block here, a block there....still a way to go. I'm planning on ditching her aswell. Great job well done! cheers
  8. I guess that makes me a fair nutter ...... I have 3 featherweights and should I come across another for a good price I would have to bring it home. They are irresistably cute. I do need to save my pennies for up front CL. cheers
  9. Angie, Simply love your crazy blocks. They make me've put them together so well!
  10. oh Lyn, My babys not only waltzing, shes doing the jive! And I'm doing the happy dance Soooooooo good! and sorry to say Dawn, we have been asking many, many questions ....... could be that Mike and Mark may need a well earned holiday when they get back :cool:
  11. Hi Marlene, Could be your bobbin tension is too may want to loosen it a little cheers
  12. A wonderful get together in Melbourne yesterday with Mike, Mark and a bunch of APQS owners and a few new owners to be. It was good to put faces to names and to catch up with old friends. We really should get together more often. Mark and Mike Thank you both so much for taking such good care of my Matilda, the super model :cool: and for teaching/showing me all I need to know to keep her humming along nicely. It was a special day. You guys are so good and a huge credit to the company. Maybe you ought to consider moving here ? Thanks to the lovely Jenny too, you done good hugs
  13. I have a second hand 2140 upgraded to 2170 and love it! I wanted a pfaff for the duel feed and thought it would be fun to do a little embroidery aswell. I've had a play but need more time (dont we all). If I had the $$ I would love the whole new package too, bells whistles and then some!
  14. i love pantos! Just a few of my faves....... Feathered Curls and Camellias - both by Irene Steele. Keryn Emmersons Ground Cover is lovely and the very simple Daisy Chain by Bonnie Borseth looks good on a lot of quilts too
  15. Congratulations Lyn, Wonderful news Your work(wo)manship is fab, Simply love the quilting. enjoy your success, Well done! x Satu
  16. I can relate....batiks make my heart sing too! Happy sewing
  17. Great news, :)welcome to your new home Patty:)
  18. Good Job Von, Well done! And lovely to see you too cheers