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  1. Hi all fellow APQS drivers!! It has been a long time since I have been on this forum--but I loved this place and learned so many things about my machine. What I am wondering is--I don't see a "For Sale" section anymore. I have several long arm quilting books I would like to sell and wondering where everyone puts them anymore. I see that some are sprinkled right here in this section--so just thought I would check before putting them in the wrong place. Also--it has been a long time since I have sold anything online--the last time I waited for the check from the purchaser to arrive and then mailed the product. Wondering if anyone has advice on how to send a PayPal invoice--if that works better for both parties involved. Thanks so much!! Terri Vanden Bosch Lizard Creek Quilting
  2. My DD is getting married soon and will be setting up her sewing studio--so beings she is on a newlywed budget--wondering if anybody who made their own could show some pictures of how you retrofited your cabinets???
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