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  1. Hi all fellow APQS drivers!! It has been a long time since I have been on this forum--but I loved this place and learned so many things about my machine. What I am wondering is--I don't see a "For Sale" section anymore. I have several long arm quilting books I would like to sell and wondering where everyone puts them anymore. I see that some are sprinkled right here in this section--so just thought I would check before putting them in the wrong place. Also--it has been a long time since I have sold anything online--the last time I waited for the check from the purchaser to arrive and then mailed the product. Wondering if anyone has advice on how to send a PayPal invoice--if that works better for both parties involved. Thanks so much!! Terri Vanden Bosch Lizard Creek Quilting
  2. https://www.accuquilt.com/blog/events/contests/congratulations-to-our-quilt-block-design-contest-winners/?RILT=contest&lb=n&utm_source=E160511C_Entrants&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=consumeremail I just want to thank all those who voted for my block in the Accuquilt contest. We kept the block in the top five which was super cool!! After they added five more blocks to the final count--My block was chosen as the Grand Prize winner. I am over the top excited! So anytime after June 9 and you are traveling along I80 in Omaha you will see my design on the side of their factory!! Cant wait to see it!!!
  3. Many thanks to those who have taken the time to vote--the voting continues until April 22 at midnight!
  4. http://wshe.es/SsJ3xnPk Hey guys!! Been a while since I have posted, but do read the forum quite a bit! I tend to love contests, I don't win very many of them, but it is fun to enter and see what happens. I designed a few blocks for the Accuquilt Barn Quilt contest and one of them has really been popular. It is in fourth place right now and I would love for it to stay in the top five until the end!! Any votes would be greatly appreciated. The link above will take you to the block. "Point Of View" is what I named it--read the description under the block for the story behind the designing. Thanks so much. Terri
  5. http://www.armstrong.com/flooring/luxury-vinyl/painted-pine-whitewashed-resilient-vinyl-tile-A6716/floor-136446.asp If you are wanting the painted floor look. Check out Armstrong's Painted Pine White Washed Luxury Vinyl Flooring Planks. I just put them in my studio and love the shabby chic look they give.
  6. Thanks for all the response to my question. I really wanted the right side of the machine against the wall to gain that 6 inches in a walkway on the left side. But looks like I will have to live with it. Will ponder some more though!, Have a blessed thanksgiving to all!! Terri
  7. Hi all. We just moved my Freedom to the studio in our new home and it would be better for the flow of the room for the motor advance to be on the left side. But we couldn't figure out how to do it without the canvases rolling the wrong way?? Thanks Terri
  8. UPDATE--just talked to Amy at APQS and thinks it might be a circuit board--so will wait for the mail and then fix it. Thanks for such a great company! Terri
  9. Hi all--have been away from the forum for some time--but still busy quilting away!! Of course deadlines and machine acts up. On Monday I noticed a few times where I would put the SR on and it would start stitching immediately--before I turned on the blue button. Then I was stitching in manual mode and I can hear it surge or power down--keeps stitching but a definite change in sound. Then when I was unstitching from a thread break with the machine still on but pushed to the side--it took a stitch--like a needle up/down and it was not engaged!! Any thoughts. I have a call into APQs this morning but nobody there at the moment. Thanks--Terri
  10. Jennifer---yes yes yes--Promise Kept is my quilt--Now I have to go see if I can find it on the website!! You have so made my day--we were up at 4:30 this morning to load hogs and I am a bit slow--plus it is my DH 50th birthday today!! and it is harvest--so thanks so much for letting me know!!
  11. Yippee for you Jennifer--and where did you find the results--I have searched endlessly for them!! I had a quilt there and would just like to see the list!!
  12. Here is what I was looking for.... http://www.sewgreattours.com/index_files/sewgreattours.htm hope is helps you. Nancy Thompson from Nevada, Iowa. Sew Great Tours.
  13. So excited for you!!! Better be quick with making the arrangements--or you might look into any bus tours--that is what I did when I went to Paducah this spring. For some reason I think there might be someone in your area of Iowa that does quilting bus tours--maybe Johnston?? I will do some more checking for you.
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