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  1. Can a 2007 Millie be changed from a L to M bobbin easily by myself? I seem to recall that it may need extra work behind the shaft area and would have to go back to the factory (not an option from Australia) but I can't find that info.
  2. Hi again, Have you carefully looked in the black control box on top of the machine head to see if one of the wires has come loose in there? When I upgraded to the new CQ6, I had it working and then it stopped. The machine moved, but CQ would not turn on the machine. It turned out to be a wire completely out of its place. It must have been touching a little when it was working.
  3. Control + M Brings up the screen with the yellow background. Then look at the bottom middle of the screen and click on: I/O
  4. I will have to make a decision in the future too, but for now my CQ is still working. Must admit the Quilt Path demo baffled me, and I don't think there is one close for me to see in real life. I'm sure it will be fine for you soon, as the saying goes "PPP'. Regards
  5. You need to refer to the main page at the top: Announcing! S & D Stitches, Inc. has closed it's doors as Stan and Dee Dee retire to care for family. This site will continue unmaintained since it was already paid in advance. We will not monitor emails, phones, forums or other such features of this site.
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