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  1. As a long loyal CompuQuilter owner, their site says they are out of business. I am sorry they weren't able to reconfigure their business after the health issues. Does anyone have a clue how to get hardware support for existing product? Thanks! Linda Fuller Silver Newport News VA
  2. I actually though of Silver Lining Longarm Quilting, because of my last name. But I am still quilting mostly for me.
  3. Quilter's Dream Everything... but love the wool the best.
  4. Do the M & M wherels work with Compuquilter>?
  5. I'm a Compu Quilter fan. The system is very easy to use, and I have always gotten support when I nedded it. Both systems are good. When I goit my machine Compus-Quilter was the "partner" with APQS, so I didn't have a hard time deciding. I echo what Sue had to say... easy and consistent.
  6. I have a twelve foot and only walk around the one end, but would have preferred a 14 foot table... just not enough room. I can do king size as Dawn says, but with a drop, it is close, Also, I have CompuQuilter, which effectively slims down the area I can easily use a bit. I think most work is fine on a 12 foot table. Love my Millie and my Compu-Quilter!
  7. Want to emphasize they are not accepting new orders till they have the backorders up to date. I have been ready to make a run for the backlog of people who love the wool. The other products are shipping... It's just the machine for the Dream Puff and Wool that was out of service since last spring is back and going to town!
  8. I just got off the phone with Quilter's Dream. Great News! Their machine that makes Dream Puff and Dream Wool is back and running and they are filling the many back orders. They are taking names to notify when they are ready to take new orders on these two terrif products!
  9. Well, I am a fan of featherlite. It took three years for one to crack. I bought the Grip Lites, too, but MUCH prefer feather lites. If you are doings slippery fabrics or are heavy handed ,featherlights are not for you. I just bought four more, and they are now made or black material that is much heavier duty thgan the originals.
  10. I have two of these and they are super. A purchase that you will never regret!
  11. Designs by Deb... best designs for me! I adore my CQ.
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