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  1. Bonnie, I agree with what the girls above said... I agree that you may need to do "some" quilting inside the embroidery so it doesn't sag as Linda, Heidi and Darlene mentioned. It won't hurt the embroidery, and will enhance it tremendously! Can't wait to see it finished!
  2. Oh Thanks so much you guys for your kind comments! Bonnie, the quilt was made for a local quilt shop using Robyn Pandolph fabrics... I designed the simple pattern for them to be able to sell the fabric... (Most of their fabric is geard towards the Civil War) It sold out in only a couple of weeks. So I got my quilt back early and it's been to a few shows, has a couple of blue ribbons, went to Paducah, and this was it's last show. I also designed the quilting to specifically enhance the blocks and applique border. The edging is done with Prairie Points. You don't see them often any more,
  3. I just loved meeting Caren and LInda - Such beautiful girls!!!! (Yeah, GIRLS!)
  4. Caren Martin - Mastiff mom and Linda Craig! What fun and sweet ladies! They took classes and we all enjoyed the quilt show! I went up with some of my Guild members - it was a wonderful day! Oh, part of it could have been that I go a Teachers Ribbon! YAY It was from Leanne Spencer. I'm thrilled with any recognition! Got two pics for ya!
  5. Gorgeous Dell! I've been hand piecing one for 5 years now and it's only about 3' x 5' so far... probably another 5 years before it's done as I only work on it when I travel. I think I added about 4 florets this year... LOL
  6. Linda! That's just lovely! It always amazes me how "easily" the fullness is quilted out! Magnificent job!
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