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  1. I just talked to APQS about the Ulitmate 1...some of you wanted to know the age of the machine. Its a 2003. One of the last Ultimates to come off the assembly line before the Freedom was introduced.
  2. Bringing it to the top. Update….Free delivery, Set up and training within a 200 mile radius of Greensboro NC.
  3. I have been renting for a few years now and overall it’s a pain but profitable. On the down side, you can give a beginners long arm class that lasts two hours or 20 hours and the results will be the same. Hand holding baby sitting and essentially doing everything but move the head for the renter. The reason is simple....lack of repitition and in alot of cases diminished mental capacity. It's a fact that the older we get the harder it is to push short term memory into long term. On the up side…you can charge more per hour than you get for doing it yourself. Yes charge more. When you ch
  4. We can seperate the Milli and table as one package or the Compuquilter, and Ultimate 1( without the table ) as another package. 9000 per package.
  5. We have an old style APQS Table for sale. Size is 14 feet. Now on Ebay. Just go to Ebay and type APQS in the search engine. you should find it. bidding started at 99 dollars and is now 130. Bidding ends this Sunday.
  6. We do not require a deposit and we run a shop...usually our customers are begging for Kelley to finish their quilts so non-payment has been a very rare problem for us. Great topic!
  7. Just Bringing this back to the top. Check out Georgene's post "My First Ribbon(s)" to see what a beautiful quilt she started last year in Greensboro! We still have openings but filling up fast.
  8. Yes! Of course I noticed! Loved both Karen and Sue! Kelley got a ribbon for one of his wholecloths too! Karen and her stencils! - It's like the "Barney" Bag for quilters! Sue Patten will be back at the shop with more classes in October so we all could get together again! - you, Connie, Rita, Angela.... Sew much fun!
  9. Hi All, Just wanted to let everyone that Sue Patten will be in Greensboro, NC on October 8 and 9th. She was here last year as part of the Wild Women's tour with Karen McTavish and we had a blast! This year, Sue will be solo and she has some great classes! If you are interested in classes, send me an email at Classes are $200 for a four hour class and non-refundable unless we are on a waitlist or the class is canceled. Last year, we booked out quickly. Friday, October 8, 2010 from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon Spines With Designs: Block Class Based on Sue’s new Book
  10. Hi Linda! Sorry we missed your post and we would love to see you when you are in town! Tell Kelley who you are when you come visit! Drive safely and see you soon!
  11. Hey Myrna! Heard you were coming to the NC coast to teach classes in September! How exciting!
  12. Hi Rita! Kelley likes the idea of putting the side saddle in action on You Tube. He seems to like his new toy! Hopefully, he can get the side saddle and CQ working at the same time to catch up on his customer quilts! I love my CQ but the Side Saddle is definitely intriguing and the price is way to awesome to ignore. Yes, come see us soon!
  13. We are the east coast and currently have a 40 quilt backlog (a good problem to have). We are computerized with CQ and only offer pantos. Guess it's time to up the prices!
  14. We use USPS and many times the shipping is cheaper based on weight versus the flat rate shipping. I really like the idea of UPS for the tracking feature but they always seemed higher than USPS. I always add a thank you card and a fat quarter to their return order. Also, make sure you communicate clearly in emails to and from your customer - including an email for when you received the quilt, quilt designs, a clear estimate up front, and when you have completed the quilt and mailed it back to them. We typically charged about $9.95 to $14.95 for most quilts for the return shipping in the c