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  1. Get the largest table that fits into your space! You won't regret it. Congrats and welcome to the APQS family!
  2. Yeah - thanks everyone for answering all of the rulermate questions! Yes, we sell the rulermate for the Lenni and other APQS machines and haven't had any problems. I love it when I use rulers for cross-hatching on whitework quilts. It doesn't bounce up and down and is very sturdy. Jenny - I hope you got your Lenni front bars raised with all of this great advice. Removing the bars, like you suggested, works too. I just ordered more of the rulermates from Donita Reeves - she says that there has been a run on orders recently. I betcha it must be from all of the posting on this site! J
  3. I love McKenna Ryan's "simple" applique designs. Here's the link to the patterns. Quilt shops sell these patterns too. You can also take the panels and make small wall hangings out of each block. Great job!
  4. B & W is in this year! I recognize Califon fabric from Mark Lipinski! Very nice!
  5. Oh, Kelley, my DH will be so jealous! He has a thing for old machines! Don't anybody offer to sell any, ok!:cool:
  6. There is something called an IRS 179 deduction from your federal taxes that is a huge benefit if you are seriously considering being a business when you buy your machine. Basically, you can deduct the entire cost of your system from you taxes in the year you purchase it. However, if you are not serious about starting your business when the machine arrives do be careful. If you get audited by the IRS, and they do no think you are "in it" as a business, they can classify you as a hobbyist and you could owe big time. As a hobbyist, you can net your expenses against your income but you just c
  7. We just had a strange request from a person last week, who doesn't quilt, to our guild members. She wanted a quilt made with an appliqued house in the center and names of her family members. She wanted to be buried with this quilt. Specifically to wrap around her feet so that they would not get cold. Of course, she did not want to pay much for the quilt. ...the guild members seemed a little taken back by the request. I guess to us quilters the idea of burying our quilts is very strange when one of the purposes is to create an item that will stand the test of time. Of course, we all
  8. Have you sent an email to yet with a description of the fabric and how much that you want? This goes to all of the quilt shops that are part of this service. If a quilt shop has the fabric, they will contact you directly. Make sure you put in as much information as you can about the fabric and the contact information. It works really well.
  9. Hi Heidi, If you don't get an answer, go to and enter your search words. Good Luck!
  10. You want the largest size you can fit your studio. We didn't think we would need the 14 ft table either but our 4th customer had a monstrous size T-shirt quilt that we had to turn side ways on the 14th ft table. Even though you may not want to use your system for money, we made $850 from the super-sized T-shirt quilt. Also, the 14 ft tables are great for those California Kings. I also have a board that I put across the bars for my "tools" if I'm working on a custom quilt so even if I have a king size quilt loaded, I also have my tools right beside me within reach on the machine itself.
  11. Go for the used machine and buy the fabric advance or the embroidery machine! These are awesome machines and a great deal!
  12. Rita and Roland do like hugs! Why are they not back in NC yet??? So glad they are having a great time! They need the break but I miss them! Have fun Linda - both will keep you in stitches - get it - stitches!
  13. Thank you to everyone! Kelley is definitely on cloud nine and has been grinning from ear to ear reading all of your posts. Boni - Kelley's mom is proud of him...he is the first one to obtain a degree on either side of his family (and he did serve in the military back in the '80s and 90s.) He had hoped his mom could have attended his graduation but she lives on Guam. Thanks again to everyone! He feels official now!
  14. No suggestions here for quilting but looks like a great quilt - I love batiks! At least it looks like batiks!
  15. A Baptist Fan or Almost Baptist Fan would look great too!
  16. We have created quite a few friends (at least I consider all of you my friends) on this forum over the last few years. I'm not sure how many of you knew that this was Kelley's last semester at UNCG (The University of North Carolina at Greensboro). We had high hopes that he would graduate this semester but he had to pass two of his hardest classes - Math and Japanese. He passed Japanese. He took his last math exam yesterday and was crushed when it was over...he just knew he hadn't passed. Kelley is an English major so math has been a really tough challenge. He was sure that he would hav
  17. Rita and himself are traveling by van towards California! She looked great before she left and had so much energy. I miss hearing from her!