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  1. I charge .14 per linear inch for a machine binding. If the quilt is 86 by 100, then this is how I would calculate the binding. 86 x 2 (2 sides) = 172 plus 100 x 2 (2 sides) = 200 -------------- Total linear inches 372 times Price/linear inch .14 ------------------------------------ Estimate $52.08 Round up or down and you may want to charge a few extra dollars for thread. I can usually do a machine binding in about 2 hours or so. (This is not hand binding to the back but machine binding front and back or j
  2. Hey Sue, Maybe Jessie can influence my 14 yr old. She thinks quilting is "boring" I keep trying to tell her that she can support herself through college with a la but she just rolls her eyes at me.... I plan to bring her to the WW Trunk show...if nothing else, to torture her because I still can! I think I will ask her if she still thinks quilting is boring after the show! Oh - it's currently, 64 degrees today and 70 by tomorrow. In NC, if you don't like the weather today, stick around 'til tomorrow 'cause it will change!
  3. Angela, Just remember we have a coffee shop beside us! I think we are all going to be beat on Friday morning! I haven't figured out how we are going to feed Sue and Karen Thursday night before the Trunk Show. I was thinking of sending Kelley to get fruit/small sandwiches for the WW to hold them over and then go to dinner after the show but it is going to be so late! Asheboro is a 40 minute drive from the Shoppe so we are going to be on a tight schedule! Less than two weeks away!
  4. You might want to check Deb Geissler's site too - Google her name. Jessica Schick also has some very nice CQ designs -
  5. Hi Kerry, Have you been to Donita Reeve's website? If you click on rulers on the left, then click on the Triple Play link, you will see a link called "Detailed Instructions" - this is a pdf file that has decent instructions. I use the inside curve for my cc's and it's a lot of fun.
  6. Congratulations! One of these days I will get to go to MQX or MQS!
  7. Yep, we got 4 to 6 inches - kept me out of work yesterday (yippee!) and for two hours this morning. We'll be back in the 70s by Saturday...hope it stays nice for Sue and Karen.
  8. Guild, business cards, website, word-of-mouth, vending at local quilt shows
  9. Hi Angela, If you decide to come for the Trunk Show - I can give you some area hotels for the night or you can always sleep on the couch! See you soon!
  10. Well, just doing the happy dance and can't believe that in just a few short weeks, Sue Patten and Karen McTavish will be giving classes in Greensboro, NC. OMG! As if this isn't exciting enough, the Randolph Quilters Guild in Asheboro, NC has agreed to host the Wild Women's Trunk Show at 7:00 pm on March 19, 2009 with a book signing to follow....and the trunk show is open to the public! The cost for admission is only $5.00 per person. For more information, send me an email to or call Kelley at (336) 339-5190. Location of the Trunk Show: Carolina Central Community
  11. This may have already been said...but it seems if the photographer had just re-folded the quilt, you wouldn't have seen the frogging. Yikes...I feel for the quilter...
  12. JoAnn, Great designs - so let me go and check them out! Do you have any good designs for the a large 9-Patch in the traditional Irish Chain quilt? I have the motif for the plain blocks but am stumped on the design for the 9-Patch. Maybe, I'll post a pic later. was the Wild Women tour??? Inquiring minds want to know!!!
  13. Hi Angie, Here's the link Tina was referring to about earlier posts. Obviously, I really like (and sell) the accuquilt Go! fabric cutter and the Accuquilter Studio Cutter. The Studio cutter is usually marketing towards quilt shop owners or vendors but lots of quilters have purchased this tool too - the studio cuts 8 to 10 layers of fabric at once. The accuquilt Go! fabric cutter is new and being marketed towards the home quilter. This system cuts 3-4 layers at a time. The base system costs only $350 and the
  14. Rita - beautiful quilt! Very nice! ...and very appropriate!
  15. The blizzard spoons are funny! The gym membership may not be too far fetched if you can prove that you get a certain percentage of clients from the gym. Maybe if you quilt your workout outfit and embroider your business name on your sweats, you might be onto something. I write off my quilt guild memberships and mileage to and from the meetings and definitely business cards. So maybe if you can get a bunch of quilters to join a gym at the same time...hhhmmm... Just remember Tax Avoidance is legal, Tax Evasion is illegal! Oh, about the advertising - if you are taking a lot of "potential"
  16. Shana - those bugs are way too cute!!! Is this yours or a customer's? That bug on the top left looks like my boss from my last job - at least the belly does!
  17. Dib - I ordered from Checkers even before I had the "brick and mortar" shoppe. They have a minimum order of $150. They have over 80,000 products to choose from...of course, this may have been why I ended up opening the Shoppe - I couldn't resist all of the goodies to choose from... Their shipping runs about $7 per fabric bolt. Each bolt has approx. 15 yards per bolt. You can order as many bolts, flat folds, books, patterns, etc as you want or as little as you want as long as the minimum order dollar amount is met for each order. There is no shipping charge on books or patterns. The
  18. Yes, I order from Checkers. They are fast and efficient. Their shipping on fabric is reasonable. Their shipping on batting seemed high compared to ordering batting directly from Warm and Natural and Quilter's Dream.
  19. Since it's tax season and I'm in the mode - let's start a thread about legitimate business expenses for longarmers! If you bought a longarm quilting system in 2008, don't forget about the section 179 deduction! It does apply to quilting systems if they are business assets! ...and it's a great tax saving tool to offset a spouse's or your own income. There are limitations. You must use this deduction the year in which the asset was bought or you forfeit this deduction. Here's a few links with more information about the section 179:,,id=1849