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  1. I'm caught up too! But I am also doing the 365 challenge and I am about 1 week behind. Boo!! But never fear, I will get them done! Now I am more excited about Bonnie's Mystery than the 365 so you know what takes the back burner. Besides, I am tired of such little pieces! (but they do turn out so cute!)
  2. This will be my first mystery with Bonnie and I think it will be fun! I just pulled from my stash but subbed blues for purples and burnt orange for the magenta. I just wanted to sew from my stash. I saw the first clue but I am away from home for Thanksgiving so will have to start when I get home. It makes it more fun when you communicate with others who are also doing it!
  3. Did you embroider this? Please post pics when you are done! It looks beautiful already!
  4. That is such a keepsake! and just put on some music you like and you will get it done. When I do freehand E2E I usually quilt too close together making the quilting take a long time so I like pantos because they keep the stitching evenly apart (even if they are a little boring!) and so it goes faster.
  5. I'm so happy you can retire! Sounds like you will have plenty to do! I'm jealous.
  6. I used to have that happen to me too and I read somewhere (here?) about marking the backside of the machine with a marked piece of tape lined up with a mark on the table. And put the mark where the machine is when it is even with the outside of the quilt. I check it every roll of the machine and my quilts have stayed square since. Make sense?
  7. I have used Essential Pro from Connecting threads. I have never had a problem with it. It is a little more linty than SoFine but since I only quilt for myself, I don't mind.
  8. Awesome! When I drive by it next time I will know whose it is!
  9. So sorry to hear of your husband's death. How hard it must be for you! and now to sell your machine. Prayers for you.
  10. I am working on one now, piecing it for my self. And you just inspired me to keep at it! That is just wonderful!!
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