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  1. It is gorgeous Terry! I have been following the Facebook group, and they have a few quilts on there that people have already quilted, or they have sent to a quilter. You might want to check it out, the quilts on there are so beautiful.
  2. That is adorable, and I especially love the different designs in each Minion!
  3. It's beautiful, and it might be red but I see blue ribbons on it!!
  4. I have an A-1 and this forum has always been the first place I go on the internet!
  5. Very nice panto you chose, for this beautiful quilt!!!
  6. Awesome job on this one, she will be thrilled!!
  7. You did an awesome job with this quilt, love all the designs you chose!
  8. He is one lucky little boy, the quilt is adorable!!
  9. Love the spider, you did an awesome job on this quilt!!
  10. This is absolutely gorgeous, Leida.
  11. I love everything about this quilt, awesome job!!
  12. I love everything about this quilt!! Your feathers are awesome.
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