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  1. So the saying 'It's a needle, not a magic wand' isn't true. What wonderful magic you have made with that quilt. Beautiful quilting that doesn't even hint at the problems with the top pre quilting. Lots of people, your customer included wouldn't understand the level of skill required to achieve that spectacular result. You're an amazing quilter, thanks for sharing.
  2. Beautiful quilt - design, appliqué and quilting ... all of it. Such great workmanship. Enjoy spending some creative energy on yourself Heidi. Thanks so much for all the fabulous pictures. I would really love to see this quilt, but since that's not an option pictures are the next best thing. Thank you. Amazing inspiring work.
  3. Fantastic colours. I love your choice of quilting design, compliments the piecing perfectly.
  4. You're right! Awesome texture you've created there. I agree with the idea of a more structured border design ... But what can you do when the quilt maker wants something else. Great job.
  5. Circle Lord is what I do too. But that is when I do an all over quilting design. I love the way you've combined the quilting on this project. Looks great.
  6. What about curved cross hatching in the centre of the appliqués?
  7. Interesting read, thanks Teresa for posting and to Linda and Corey for double batting tips. I have nothing in the ideas department that hasn't been well covered in the points above, I have a quilt coming up that I was going to faux trapunto, so will use those tips as well. Good luck with quilt, eagerly awaiting photos of the completed project.
  8. Great quilt. I love the colours, piecing design and quilting design. You really nailed the look! I also love the look of your sewing area. Nice. :-)
  9. Teresa, I have learned feathers from lots of different places, I have a few books and DVD's, a couple that I got a few years ago were by Darlene Epp and Sherry Rogers-Harrison, where you draw the feathers in the book. I found they were really good, and I did (and still do) loads of practice drawing feathers. My husband knows when I 've had a long phone call, feathers are doodled everywhere. I can't think of all of the places I've learned, I have lots of books from really great tutors and I've done some classes with Sharon Schamber and have some of her online and DVD classes. She is wonder
  10. Sorry about the sideways picture. Will work on getting it better next time. :-)
  11. I did this project a couple of months ago. Watched a Sharon Schamber DVD for inspiration, loaded some silk fabric, gorgeous soft Hobbs wool batting, silk thread. Really enjoyed the process. Used a rainbows variegated thread to highlight the feather borders .
  12. Beautiful, I love the elegance of those curves and swirls. Thanks for showing.
  13. Wow. The quilt and quilting look great. I love those Judy Neimeyer designs. Definitely on my to do list, now I'm in danger of shopping on the web to get a kit, when all I sat down to do was to look at some quilts while I enjoyed my coffee. :-). Thanks for showing, great job.
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