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  1. I feel like I need to apologize for being absent for so long. However, life happens and now I'm back. Thanks for your patience. The challenge of this quilt was the SID and the background meandering--I don't do hand guided quilting very often. The border was a breeze with my Statler, a custom design that I drew and applied. Thank you for all your're the best! I'm still trying to get used to this new forum/format.
  2. Cute and more cute. I have a grand daughter who loves monkeys...think this in pink!
  3. I love the fabrics in this quilt, and you did an excellent job...filling those many different pieces and blocks, etc. Lovely to look at.
  4. Linda, thank you for posting pictures of your beautiful quilting. I am sure many of us have the same appreciation for your work, and it inspires us and feeds our thirst for new ideas!
  5. Looks like you conquered the picture challenge. And the quilt is lovely.
  6. I haven't yet found a home page either. There used to be one page with all the topics called "Today's Posts". That's what I miss. Is there one in this new format that I just haven't found yet?
  7. You talk about needing patience to do all that teaches you patience by doing it. I knew I had to make it good so I slowed way down to do it right. With practice, I was able to get a little faster as I worked through it all. It actually felt good to have the extended base under the quilt and a ruler in my hand for a change. I just had to keep remembering not to press down so hard that it hindered the movement of the machine. I learned to use more pressure on the side of the ruler instead of a downward pressure. I was so tempted to just grab the handles and throw away that ruler.
  8. Lady is from Hawaii! Need I say more? She found the pattern and didn't have a place to hang it on the wall. She takes care of her mom and father-in-law and when she came to pick up the quilt, she told me that this was the only joy in her life right now. We agreed that quilting is good therapy!
  9. The pattern was originally for a wallhanging but my Lady wanted a full size quilt, and this is what she got! It isn't technically difficult...SID the pineapples and meander the background, pineapples in the borders. It just took hours and hours because of the precise SID in the pineapples! I'm not perfect, but you can't tell on a galloping horse! She loved it and that's all that matters to me. Here are the pictures for your inspiration. Link to my album for more pictures...
  10. No pictures but your link worked. That's a fantastic circular bargello and your quilting is very complimentary!
  11. OK, I have to know...what music were you listening to when you did that one? Frank Sinatra, New York New York, or something more upbeat? I can just feel the swirls and movement in your quilting.
  12. This is so much fun learning how to post pictures and everything. Your quilt is a cutie! Love the snowballs around the snowmen, sledding, etc. Great work!